Luverne Tigers demote the Generals, 55-0

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Luverne Tigers used a solid defense and a high powered offence to defeat the Horseshoe Bend Generals here last Friday night by the score of 55 to nothing.

The Tigers came close to setting several records with the win. 55 points is the most they've scored in several years and the racked up 22 first downs and 557 yard of total offence.

Two tigers had over 100 yards rushing, Fred Hawking had 187 on 11 carries and Narvais Cole had 112 on 13 carries.

The Generals won the toss and deferred to the second half to receive the kick.

John Clark kicked and Payton McGhee took the ball in at the Tiger 25 yard line and he returned it out to the 41 yard line of the tigers. From here it took the tigers only 3 plays to go the distance. The td came on a 38 yard run by Fred Hawkins.

The pat kick was kicked by Allan Foster and the Tigers had a 7 point advantage with 10; 55 left in the first quarter. Breman Lowery, who handles the kick off duties for the Tigers, kicked deep to the Generals 15 yard line and Brandon Thomas returned it out to their 26 yard line.

The Tiger defense, lead by Stoney Jackson, Cory Oliver, Davis Lester, Marco Jones, Lamar Gibson, Seth Wood, Fred Hawkins, Romethius Harris, Chase Free, Narvais Cole, Antwain Clayton and Josh Kilpatrick, allowed two first downs before Cory Oliver picked off a Eric Vickers pass and returned it 7 yards out to the Generals 47 yard line.

The Tigers picked up one first down before Cole turned the ball over on a fumble at the General 12 yard line.

The Tiger defense stiffened and did not allow a first down and forced a General punt. Clinton Keels punt was only good for 26 yards and the Tigers took over at the midfield stripe.

From here the Tigers only needed 6plays to go the distance with the td coming on a 7 yard run by Hawkins. The kick failed but the tigers had a 13 point lead.

The Generals started their next possession at their 33 yard line.

They picked up four first downs, two on Tiger penalties, before they turned the ball over on an interception of a Vickers pass by safety Chase Free.

Free returned the ball 16 yards out to the Tiger 20 yard line. The Tigers started a 13 play 80 yard drive that took almost 9 minutes off the clock. The td came on a one yard run by Quarterback Chad Free.

The pat failed, but the Tiger lead was now 19 to 0. The Generals were forced to punt on their next possession after they were unable to pick up a first down.

Keels punt was only good for 14 yard and the Tigers took over on the Generals 35 yard line. From here it only took one play for the Tigers to et into the end zone. The td came on a 35 yard pass from Qb. Free to wide out Payton McGhee.

The try was good on a run by Fred Hawkins.

As the first half ended the Tigers had a 27 to nothing lead.

All the fans that were at the game were treated to two great performances by the bands from both schools at half time.

The Generals received the second half kick; Timmy Slaughter returned a short kick 11 yards out to their 49 yard line.

The Tigers took up where they left off at half time, they forced a punt without allowing a first down. Clinton Keels punt was good for 31 yard and drove the Tigers back to their 11 yard line. The Tigers needed only 5 plays to cover the 89 yards this time. The td came on a 70 yard run by Fred Hawkins with 6:56 left in the third quarter. The pat was no good but the Tigers had raised their lead to 33 points.

The Generals started their next possession on the tiger 47 yard line, but even with their offense could not get on track and they were forced to punt before they could make a first down.

Clinton Keels punt set the tigers back at their own 20 yard line. The Tigers started a 9 play 80 yard drive for their next score, with the td coming on a 27 yard run by qb. Chad Free. The try for point after was good and the Tiger lead was now 40 points. This ended the scoring for the third quarter.

The last two Tiger td came after two short drives. The first td of the fourth quarter came after a 4 play 25 yard drive. The td was on a 7 yard run by Lance Brooks.

The pat was scored by Hawkins as the Tigers lead increased to 48 to 0. The last Tiger score came after a 5 play 53 yard drive. The td came on a 2 yard run by Payton McGhee.

Brezman lowery kicked the pat and gave the Tigers their final margin of victory 55 to 0.

All the young Tigers were able to get into the game last week with some seeing a lot of game time. They were Matthew Sipper, Adam Foster, Jamal Lee, Micah Wallace, Wesley Gibson,

Lenny Brooks, Desmond Harrell, Marico Burnett, Andrew smith, Josh Butts,

Joey Mote, A.J.Hall, Dalton Greer, Josh Casey, Weston McDougal, Hayden Wilkes,

Paul Lessley, Michael Norman, Jerome Bogan, Lonnie Freeman , and Bakari Burnet who made one of the best catches I've seen in several years on a 9 yard pass from Qb Free to keep a Tiger drive going in the third quarter.

The Tigers are on the road this week; they travel to Lanett to play a key area game.