New White Oak owner to redevelop golf course

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 17, 2006

The White Oak Golf Course will soon have a new look as it has been sold and plans are the in the works to redevelop the course and, possibly, build more houses in the development.

Although the sale has been made, the deed paperwork has not been filed with the probate office and the details have not been released.

Peter Yoon of AIA Recyling Corporation said Butler Trust has purchased the course and plans to redesign it, but he would not comment on the price the course sold for nor would he comment on any plans to develop houses.

Wayne Killough, who purchased the course in an auction in 2000, now lives in one of the houses on one of the three lots he owns around the golf course and said the new ownership should be able to create a better course with more houses surrounding it.

&#8220(The sale) will help growth because some of the people that live out here like to play golf,” Killough said. &#8220If all of these lots had houses, you would pick up a lot of golfers.”

There are 71 lots around the White Oak course and some developers already own as many as 15 of the lots.

Killough, who had just retired from Andalusia and was looking at buying some land, bought the course and his three lots at an auction in 2000 and he and his sister still occupy two of the lots.

&#8220I came up (to Greenville) to pick up a couple of lots and I left with a golf course and lots,” Killough said jokingly.

Although the course has not prospered in recent years, Killough sees potential in the future of White Oak.

The original investors created the course and bought the land for $3.4 million while Killough bought the course for $588,000 at the auction in 2000.

After purchasing the course and lots, Killough shared the course with investor Don Boutwell, who currently sold the course.

Killough and Boutwell leased the course out on an option purchase in January 2002 and the leaser signed off in November of the same year.

Recently, Killough said he has heard talk of the new course containing a new clubhouse, along with the new houses, but he also said that is purely speculation. In fact, another speculation Killough was told of was that the new clubhouse would be on top of the hill where his house is, yet no one has approached him about the possibility.

Yoon would not comment on a time frame for the course redevelopment and residential developments.