Chapman shares with supporters at luncheon

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 20, 2006

State Auditor and hometown girl Beth Chapman, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, returned to her old stomping grounds in Greenville for a barbecue luncheon with family, friends and supporters last Sunday.

The Boys and Girls Club was the setting for the fundraiser catered by Tinroof Barbecue of Hoover. It was the second such event the Greenville native has held in the Camellia City.

It’s great to see a lot of dear friends, former teachers and even old tennis partners here today,&uot; Chapman said.

The candidate, who is running against Democratic incumbent Nancy Worley in November, encouraged those gathered at the Boys and Girls Club to think outside the political party box this fall.

&uot;I know this is a strongly Democratic county, and I respect that. I know in the primaries you have to vote either Republican or Democrat. But in November, you can be whatever you want to be,&uot; Chapman said.

&uot;If you want to know why I need to win this race, pick up today’s Montgomery Advertiser (the 9-17 editorial) and read what they say about my opponent. I have chosen not to maintain a negative campaign, but there is a lot that is negative.&uot;

Worley, a former educator, has been the subject of a number of ethics complaints, investigations and lawsuits since taking office four years ago.

Chapman said morale in the Secretary of State’s office is now at a very low point, while turnover is high.

&uot;It has already cost you, the taxpayers, a quarter of million dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by a former employee of (Worley’s)…if I am elected, I am tempted to put on a FEMA shirt to go in and clean up the mess.&uot;

Chapman added, &uot;You can be Democrats all day long on November 7 and still vote for me. I certainly appreciate your support.&uot;

During the fundraiser, Chapman introduced Sam Shaw, who is running for State Auditor on the Republican ticket. She praised Shaw for already taking an active interest in learning the ropes of running the auditor’s office.

&uot;I am campaigning for this position on my qualifications in accounting. I have been preparing for this race for two years now. I’m seeking good government, better government for Alabama,&uot; Shaw, who is married to Judge Greg Shaw of the Court of Criminal Appeals, said.

&uot;I want to thank you for supporting Beth. Having her in that office would be a huge, huge plus for Alabama.&uot;

Chapman reminded those present there was &uot; still plenty of money in Montgomery.&uot;

&uot;The answer for our state’s problems is not to raise taxes and throw more money away. The answer is to be fiscally responsible. With 25 percent budget cuts in my office, we were still able to achieve 96 percent perfect audits,&uot; Chapman said.

&uot;You want to vote for qualified candidates who will bring you better government.&uot;

Supporter Bobby Terrell, whose church, Walnut Street Church of Christ, provided the desserts for the event, encouraged those present, &uot;Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, vote for Butler County’s own, Beth, in November.&uot;

Other Republican candidates present at Sunday’s barbecue were Joan Reynolds, State Senate candidate and Johnny Lee, who is running for Butler County Probate Judge.