Blast from the Past

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 3, 2006

75 Years Ago . . . September 30, 1931

Attendance goal of 400 has been set for the Luverne Methodist Church Rally Day on October 4.

Oldest member expected will be Mrs. Maggie Hawkins, 87, while the youngest will be Malcolm Pullen in the Nursery department.

Malcolm is the 2 1/2 -month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pullen.

Mrs. Emmett Kirkpatrick is superintendent of this department.

Program participants include Mrs. Steiner Odom, Mrs. H. T. Strother, Mrs. Ethel Tankersley, Mrs. W. B. Kendrick and Mrs. Roy Beall.

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Rural schools of Crenshaw County opened Monday, September 18 with no definite time set to pay teachers' salaries.

A total of 46 schools opened their doors.

3,453 elementary students were enrolled the year before.

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50 Years Ago . . . October 3, 1956

In our last week's Blast From the Past, we got a few of the names of the players on the Luverne High School team mixed up, so we are re-running the names and adding several more that were seen in subsequent games.

Coach Glenn Daniel was a relatively new coach.

Corrected names: Buzzy Hargrove, Curtis Petrey, Phillip Moore, Sam Watson, Tommy Hall, Glenn Murray, Richard Brown, Robert Petrey, Windham Pittman, Dick Wooley and Johnny Taylor.

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Mayor Frank Sikes and councilmen Guy Perdue, Selman Taylor, Howard Lisenby, G. T. Miller and B. F. Williams officially assumed the duties of the offices on Tuesday night to which they were recently elected.

Judge F. B. Lloyd administered the oaths of office, and Rev. John Vickers gave the invocation.

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Scattered Headlines:

Luverne Wins Thriller from Andalusia By a Score of 51 – 34.

Crenshaw Reports 46 Deaths Due to Heart Disease in 1955.

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25 Years Ago . . . September 30, 1981

Alabama Electric Cooperative is considering construction of a major fuel alcohol production facility near Gantt which could be producing ethanol – a basic component of gasohol – by early 1985.

An investment of $42 to $45 million will be required.

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When Troy University's 280-piece &#8220Sound of the South” band spread across the football field for its first half-time performance of the season Sept. 19 in Dothan, among the band members was a Luverne student, Jeff Holmes, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Holmes.

A freshman clarinet player in the band, he is a pre-pharmacy major at TSU.