Police arrest pair of Monroe County natives on drug charges

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 7, 2006

Greenville police arrested two Monroe County natives on Sept. 22, charging each man with possession of a controlled substance after discovering an estimated $300 worth of crack cocaine inside a ring box.

Both Zellworth Nettles, 38, and Charlie Frank Dees, 34, were placed under arrest after officers responded to a call about a suspicious vehicle located outside the Phillips 66 gas station on Fort Dale Rd. Both men were then transported to the Butler County Jail.

Police reports indicate that Dees was driving a white 1996 GMC Sonata with Nettles as his passenger. Officers asked Dees if there were any weapons or illegal drugs inside the vehicle and he replied, &#8220No, do you want to check?” according to reports.

A search of the vehicle revealed several large pocket knives in reach of both the driver and passenger and a black canvas bag containing razor blades, personal hygiene items, and disposable razors, said police.

Police found the ring box and a plastic bag inside containing the crack cocaine. Police retrieved Nettles from inside the store and discovered his name from a prison identification card.

The report states that both Nettles and Dees admitted to smoking crack cocaine and both suspects said they brought the drug from Montgomery before coming to Greenville.