Heartsill campaigns for District One Commissioner

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 9, 2006

Dan Heartsill of Panola has announced his candidacy for Crenshaw County Commissioner for District One.

Heartsill will be on the Independent ballot during the Nov. 7 elections. He is running against Democratic incumbent Ricky McElwain.

Heartsill has lived in the Panola Community for over 40 years and is a graduate of Highland Home High School. He and his wife, Hattie, have been married for 24 years.

One of his main concerns when it comes to serving the people in District One as commissioner is maintaining the roads, both paved and dirt.

&#8220I'm tired of people complaining about our roads,” Heartsill said. &#8220Our dirt roads

are in terrible shape. Plus, the ditches need a lot of work done to them, which includes cleaning out the drain pipes so the water will not back up and cause problems on these dirt roads whenever it rains.”

Heartsill said that the dirt roads in District One needed to be scraped at least once a week and not just every once in a while. Also, he added that the grass alongside the paved roads needed to be mowed at least once a month.

&#8220We have the equipment to get the job done,” he added. &#8220If we need to hire more people to get the job done or give pay raises, then that is what we need to do.”

When it came to the paved roads in the District One area, Heartsill said that new striping was needed on many of the roads.

&#8220If elected, I plan to have a toll-free 1-800 number set up so people can call me at any time with any problems they may have,” he added.

Another goal Heartsill has if elected is to install new air conditioning and heating systems in the community centers/ polling places in District One, which includes the Highland Home Volunteer Fire Department, the Honoraville Volunteer Fire Department, Panola and Danielville community centers.

&#8220I also see a great need for more ‘Children Crossing' signs in our area,” he said. &#8220It is so important to have visible school bus signs for our children whether they are getting on or off the bus. Their safety is so important.”

Heartsill also said that more speed limit signs were needed on certain paved county roads throughout District One.

&#8220I'm just like the people who live here,” he said. &#8220I travel these roads myself every day, and I can see what people are complaining about. Plus, I have relatives who drive school buses, and they see the needs that we have in repairing our roads.”

&#8220I want to be an easily accessible commissioner,” Heartsill said. &#8220If elected, I promise to have my goals of dirt and paved road repairs completed within one year after the election. It is my sincere desire to do everything that I can for the people in District One.”