Mitchell says Reynolds has lost #8216;dignity#039;

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 4, 2006

Challenger and Republican Joan Reynolds said her campaign has been an &#8220eye-opener” for those unaware of her opponent's voting record in the legislature.

Incumbent and Democrat Wendell Mitchell calls Reynolds' campaign &#8220all lies.”

&#8220All we've done is put his (Mitchell's) voting record out there and let people make up their own minds,” said Reynolds, the longtime Greenville native, who is vying for Mitchell's District 30 Senate Seat. District 30 is composed of Butler, Crenshaw, Pike, and parts of Lowndes, Autauga and Elmore counties.

Mitchell, seeking his seventh term in the legislature, said Reynolds is running a negative campaign and is desperate to do anything to get elected.

&#8220My opponent has from day one consistently been negative,” said Mitchell. &#8220At last count, she had 17 negative ads all directed at me. I have a 20-plus year record so I think the people in this district know me and know what I stand for. I want to continue to help the district and provide as much funding as I can and I've been very successful at that.”

As expected, Reynolds differs in opinion.

&#8220It's not negative if you're telling the truth,” she said. &#8220One of the main issues that the voters in District 30 are concerned about is taxes and he (Mitchell) has a history of voting for tax increases. We believe we've showed that.”

Reynolds' advertisements - mail out fliers, radio spots and television commercials - have accused Mitchell of voting to increase healthcare costs for seniors, supporting higher taxes, and refusing to support a resolution honoring Alabama's returning National Guardsmen from Iraq.

&#8220She's (Reynolds) gone so overboard on most of them by saying I'm responsible for drunk driving and killing soldiers, which anyone who knows my record knows it's the exact opposite,” said Mitchell. &#8220I'm one of the strongest supporters of our military that you can find anywhere. I have sponsored all the bills to regulate drunk driving. I'm very disappointed that a person would seek public office that has an attitude that ‘I will build myself up by tearing someone else down.' I think that's wrong. It's morally wrong.”

Reynolds said she felt the people of District 30 are ready for a change.

&#8220We've been getting good vibes from the people we've visited,” she said. &#8220The people in Butler Count know me and know that I will do what I say I'm going to do.”

Reynolds has promised to cut taxes and create even more jobs, while eliminating wasteful spending in the legislature and supporting Alabama's military abroad.

Mitchell said he believed Reynolds' advertisements would backfire on her come election day.

&#8220Some of the things she's dug out - even though they are untrue - have such an emotional appeal, she may get some votes,” said Mitchell. &#8220But as I said in an earlier ad, she may get some votes for that trash but she's certainly lost her dignity.”

Reynolds disagreed.

&#8220I certainly don't believe that's the truth,” she said.