Harden wins sheriff

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 9, 2006

For the first time in 12 years, Butler County will have a new sheriff in January as Democratic candidate Kenny Harden defeated Republican candidate Clint Reaves during Tuesday's election.

Countywide, Harden received 3,718 votes (54.72 percent) to Reaves' 3,077 votes (45.28 percent).

Harden will replace Diane Harris, who became the first woman sheriff in 1994 and has served in that capacity ever since.

After the race, Harden seemed relieved it was all over.

&#8220I just want to thank the people of Butler County for giving me their trust,” Harden said. &#8220And I will work hard to prove they made the right choice.”

Harden said he feels the voters of Butler County saw that he ran a clean campaign where he simply stated his plan and let the people decide, and by doing so, he was able to pull out victory.

Republican candidate Reaves said he was pleased with the turnout Tuesday night, but he also added that this is not his last run.

&#8220I think the campaign went well for my first time to run for public office,” Reaves said. &#8220I will run again in 2010 and win.”

Reaves said he is extremely thankful for all his supporters during the race and he is honored to continue serving the citizens of McKenzie in his capacity as Chief of Police.

&#8220I think all my support speaks well of my job and I'm very proud of the people of McKenzie and all my supporters throughout the campaign,” Reaves said. &#8220I appreciate it 100 percent.”

Reaves also thanked his campaign manager, Melissa Gilbert, for all her hard work and he then made a promise for the future.

&#8220I plan to take a little break and then I am going to begin campaigning immediately for the next four years,” Reaves.

Now that the voting is over, Harden said he plans to meet with the Butler County Commission to start working out the details for January.

Harden said that when inauguration day comes, he expects things to go as planned.

&#8220With all the hard work Sheriff Harris has done, I expect a smooth transition in January,” Harden said.