Students have key role in film

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 9, 2006

Absalom Adams has never been camera shy.

The 10-year-old Greenville Middle School fifth grader proved that a couple of years ago, when he was chosen co-principal for the day at Greenville Elementary School.

The young man with the million-dollar smile broke into polished song for his fellow students and the media that day.

&#8220He's a natural performer, always has been,” his proud mom, Cecilia Adams says with the same warm smile.

Absalom, also known as A.J., is one of the local talents chosen to play in &#8220Honeydripper.”

Absalom and Nagee Clay, also from Greenville, are playing buddies Lonnie and Scratch in the John Sayles-directed film, set in early 1950s Alabama.

&#8220Lonnie is a good part for me, ‘cause he's kind of like me. He's laid-back, doesn't worry about a lot. He's cool with everything,” Absalom said.

He and Nagee are featured in both the opening and closing scenes of the film, as well as several scenes throughout the film.

The two have already shot scenes in Anniston, Montgomery, Georgiana and the Midway community near Honoraville.

&#8220You will see us walking past train tracks, to the cotton fields, past old housesŠwe do a lot of walking,” the young star said.

As for his lines, &#8220We've been drilling and he knows Nagee's lines and his own. I know all the lines, too,” his mom said with a laugh.

It was actually the congregation of The House of Prayer, the Greenville church Adams pastors, that urged her to have Absalom try out for the movie.

&#8220They were saying, ‘They need a drummer and Absalom can drum, he'd be great.' So I ended up taking his photo down to the film office of him playing drums at the church,” Mrs. Adams explained.

She said she reminded her son, no what the outcome, &#8220you're still my star.”

Absalom was called in for an interview and was also part of a lineup at his school.

&#8220We got a message after that to come and pick up a script,” his mom said.

Though Absalom studied hard, it turned out they did something &#8220totally different” for the reading.

&#8220I think they were checking to see if we could stay focused,” he said.

The call came the next morning.

&#8220I had let him sleep in, it was fall break. And the phone rang. It was for ‘Absalom Joshua Adams,' so I knew it was the movie people,” Mrs. Adams recalled.

&#8220He didn't want to stick his head out from under the covers. But when he took the phone, his face just lit up. ‘Mama, I got the part, I got the part!' He was so excited,” Mrs. Adams laughed.

&#8220And if my friends hadn't kept on me, I probably wouldn't have followed through. But it's worked out well so far.”

The musically gifted performer may not be playing the drums in the film, but he does get a chance to tickle the ivories on a wooden &#8220keyboard” in one scene.

&#8220You see him really get into the role, watch his facial expressions. He's having such a good time,” his mom said.

Absalom said he and Nagee make a great pair in the movie. &#8220We are like, opposites. He's really talkative and I am more laid-back, just like our characters.”

When interviewed last week, Absalom said he felt the best part of his movie experience was still ahead.

&#8220What I am really looking forward to is meeting Mr. Glover,” he said, his dark eyes lighting up.

In the meantime, the young actor and honor student is already signing autographs and answering lots of questions.

&#8220Everybody wants to know what it's like being in a movie.”