Three times the joy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 9, 2006

A local family experienced three times their &#8220bundle of joy” this summer.

Brenda and Willie Jay Herring of Greenville are the proud first-time parents of triplets, born August 18 at the Baptist East Medical Center in Montgomery.

They got the news good things would be arriving in threes when Brenda went in for her two-month checkup.

&#8220We went to have an ultrasound so we could see and feel the heartbeat. Kim, our nurse, looked at the monitor and said, ‘I must get these numbers right.' We didn't think much of it,” Brenda explained.

Then the nurse looked at Willie Herring and said, &#8220I think I see three.”

&#8220When I heard that, I jumped straight up. Willie just sat there. He never said a word, and I kept asking, ‘Are you sure you're not just seeing the same one over and over?' We had to see my doctor after that and Willie was still speechless,” Brenda explained.

The expectant dad's speech returned once they left the doctor's office.

&#8220He said, ‘I've got to find a second job!'”

It was quite an adjustment for a childless couple, married for nearly 12 years when the triplets arrived. The pair celebrated their wedding anniversary, August 19, just one day after the triplets' births.

&#8220It's just been the two of us for so long. Our whole lives have been changed! Everything we do revolves around the babies,” Brenda said.

&#8220They now feed about every four hours. I'm not sure we will every get used to sleep interruptions.”

Brenda, who works at Peoples Bank and Trust in downtown Greenville, and Willie, who is employed with the Alabama Department of Transportation, say they couldn't make it without the support of family and friends.

&#8220My mother is great. She, my father, and little brother Ray will come over and spend the night. They'll take our room and take care of the babies, while Willie and I take another room so we can get a full night's rest. Other family members and friends come over to lend a hand,” Brenda said.

&#8220Little things like washing bottles and feeding one of the babies helps out so much.”

She said the church family at Walnut Street Church of Christ had also been very supportive, supplying meals and other baby supplies to the Herrings.

&#8220So many people have helped us just by praying for us. We will never be able to express how much we appreciate all that they have done,” Brenda added.

As for shopping excursions, they are not on the &#8220to-do” list as yet for the Herring brood.

&#8220We just don't got out. It's a day's work getting the babies ready and in the car. By then, you're too tired to shop,” Brenda said.

&#8220The only time we go out is if the babies need to go to the doctor. If Willie and I both can't go, then my mom or aunt has to go with me. You have to have that extra pair of hands.”

The new mom says it is fun to see people's reaction to the babies; to see grandparents, aunts and uncles show off pictures and give people updates on the triplets.

&#8220From my two-and-a-half-year old nephew Tyler and niece Sydney holding the babies and calling them ‘my babies,' to the babies' great-great-aunts who have never before held triplets, the response has been marvelous,” Brenda said.

&#8220Our family, our co-workers and our friends have all been so supportive and encouraging. Our babies are blessed to be surrounded by so much love.”

With three little ones to &#8220ooh” and &#8220aah” over, Herring said the couple never lacks for company at their house. And that's O.K.

&#8220That means there is another pair of hands to help out!” she laughed.

Caring for triplets is a time-consuming task.

While &#8220the washing will never be done and there is always something or someone who needs cleaning,” Brenda says it's all worth it.

&#8220After all, we've got three little blessings from God.”