Butler County Basketball 2006-07

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 16, 2006



The Fort Dale Eagles boy’s varsity team struggled to finish 7-17 last season but after only losing one senior from last year’s squad, this year’s team should have plenty of experience.

Three seniors will lead this year’s team and head coach Reggie Mantooth, who serves as both the boy’s and girl’s varsity coach, said many of his underclassman have played varsity ball for several years.

This group is athletic and fast and if they can over come the traditional powerhouses in AISA, a playoff run to the Final Four is not farfetched.

Head coach: Reggie Mantooth, head coach; William Johnson, assistant coach.

Returning leaders: Davis Watts, junior, G; Bobby Martin, junior, F; Barry Boan, junior, F.

Roster (No. listed first, name, year, height, position): 3-Ty Newton, senior, 5’10, G; 4-Shanks Simmons, freshman, 5’9, G; 5-Andrew Jones, junior, 5’6, G; 11-Adam Vickery, junior, 5’9, G; 12-Steven Lee, sophomore, 5’8, G; 14-Ben Bates, junior, 6’1, G; 20-Sanders Hancock, sophomore, 5’10, G; 21-Davis Watts, junior, 6’3, G; 22-Dustin Till, freshman, 6’1, G-F; 24-Barry Boan, junior, 5’11, G-F; 30-Cory Johnson, senior, 6’1 F; 32-Cory Causey, senior, 6’0, F; 33-Bobby Martin, junior, 6’3, F; 42-Kendall Gibson, sophomore, 6’0, F.


The Lady Eagles had a phenomenal season in 2005-06, finishing 24-4 and making it to the AISA Class AAA Final Four.

The Eagles lost four seniors from last year’s squad, but this season’s team will have five seniors.

Fort Dale head coach Reggie Mantooth has turned the Eagles into one of the premier girl’s programs in AISA and with an experienced group returning this season, last year’s Final Four appearance could be a prelude to this year’s Championship Game run.

Head coach: Reggie Mantooth

Returning leaders: Jennifer Pouncey, senior, G; Morgan Pouncey, senior, F; Casey Hicks, senior, G.

Roster (No. listed first, name, year, height, position ): 4-Caroline Dunklin, sophomore, 5’3, G; 5-Jennifer Pouncey, senior, 5’6, G; 10-Tyler Manning, junior, 5’5, G; 11-Casey Hicks, senior, 5’6, G; 12-Elizabeth Dunklin, sophomore, 5’4, G; 14-Ulli Sandstrom, junior, 5’5, G; 20-Lauren Maraman, senior, 5’5, F; 21-Abby Martin, freshman, 5’7, G-F; 22-Skyler Sherell, senior, 5’4, G; 24-Casey Rogers, sophomore, 5’5, G; 30-Tiffaney Simms, sophomore, 5’7, G; 32-Morgan Pouncey, senior, 5’7, F; 33-Michele Hulick, junior, 5’10, F; 40-Whitney Jacks, sophomore, 5’3, F; 42-Haley Stinson, junior, 5’8, F; 44-Sarah Sims, juniors, 5’5, F.



Jerome Harris’ Georgiana Panthers finished the 2005 season with a 14-10 record, falling just short of Red Level in the area tournament.

Georgiana lost two seniors from the 2005 season, which means many players on this year’s team have game-time experience.

Harris feels his team has matured from last year and, if the Panthers get off to a hot start before region play begins in December, the playoffs could be easily tangible.

Head coach: Jerome Harris

Returning leaders: Jamie Williams, freshman, G (averaged 18 ppg as an eight-grader in ’05); Terrance Matthews, junior, F.

Roster (No. listed first): 1-Jerrod Lee, 2-Pee Joe McMeans, 3-Jamie Williams, 4-Andre Paige, 5-Gerard Pleasant, 10-Chris Hall, 12-Jamie Busch, 15-Damien McIntosh, 20-Zebbie Mitchell, 23-Reco Johnson, 32-Trenton Davidson, 33-Josh Sims, 42-Terrance Matthews, 55-Dedric Rich.


After falling to Washington Co., in the 2005 sub-regionals, John Cheatham’s Georgiana Lady Panthers look to rebuild and regroup to make a run at the 2006-07 playoffs.

The Panthers lost only one senior from last year’s squad but return only one senior to this year’s team. Matter of fact, the Panthers have only four players on the roster older than a freshman.

Like the varsity boys, if the Lady Panthers get several wins under their belt before region play starts, the 2006-07 season could be a productive year for this young group.

Head coach: John Cheatham

Returning leaders: ShaTaska Mobley, junior, G; Patrice Cheatham, senior, F.

Roster (No. listed first): 10-ShaTaska Mobley, junior; 12-Melissa Betts, freshman; 14-Ke’Annya Nixon, 8th grade; 24-Anna Nelson, freshman; 30-Sharran Matthews, freshman; 32-Kennesha Nept, sophomore; 34-Aleshia Cheatham, 8th grade; 40-Tomaya Peterson, junior; 42-Patrice Cheatham, senior; 44-ShaKayla Mixon, freshman; 50-Shemeka Rogers, freshman; 54-Tylissha Rich, freshman.



Victor Smith’s Greenville Tigers varsity team finished the 2005-06 season one game over .500 at 15-14 and were the runner-ups in area play.

Three seniors graduated from last year’s team, but the Tigers will have four seniors this season.

Greenville went young in the lineup last season so this year’s group should have plenty of experience.

If the Tigers can learn to topple those pesky Charles Henderson Trojans, then Greenville could be looking at a playoff run.

Head coach: Victor Smith, head coach; Dewayne Thigpen, assistant coach; Andrew Robertson, assistant coach.

Returning leaders: Kelcius Pate, senior, G; Darel Carter, junior, F; Edward Searight, junior, G.

Roster (No. listed first, name, class, height, position): 1-D.J. Carter, junior, 5’11, G; 2-Wilshad Smith, senior, 5’11, G; 3-Edward Searight, junior, 5’10, G; 4-Christian Williams, junior, 6’2, F; 5-Andres Gentry, sophomore, 6’6, G-F; 10-Tyus Robinson, junior, 5’10, G; 11-Casey Weston, junior, 6’2, F; 12-Kelcius Pate, senior, 6’0, G-F; 20-Demetrius Posey, senior, 6’6, F; 23-Michael Peagler, junior, 5’10, G; 33-Darel Carter, junior, 6’0, F; 44-Jeremy Robinson, sophomore, 6’5, F; 45-Marcus Mickles, junior, 5’8, G; 50-James Daniels, senior, 6’6, F.


Greenville’s Lady Tigers finished off the 2005-06 season with a 13-15 record and tied for second in area play.

The Tigers lost four seniors from last year’s squad and have only one senior on this year’s team.

Only four players return from last year’s team, meaning the Tigers should be extremely young.

With youth comes agility, so the Tigers will switch philosophies this year and push the ball up the court quicker to get more shot opportunities.

Head coach: Ronald Bogan

Returning leaders: LaKeeta Bonner, senior, G; Rachel Williams, sophomore, G; Nicole Norton, sophomore, G.

Roster: LaKeeta Bonner, senior; Adrianne Rudolph, junior; Rachel Williams, sophomore; Nicole Norton, sophomore; Alexis Salter, sophomore; Cresheva Johnson, sophomore; Ashley Baker, freshman; Nikhia Powell, freshman; Tamara Truitt, freshman; Olivia Dunklin, freshman; Reanasha Gardner, freshman; Justina Davidson, freshman; Victoria Gentry, freshman.



Tim Moorer’s McKenzie Tigers varsity team struggled at 3-18 last season but are looking to regroup in 2006-07.

Five seniors are gone from last year’s team and the Tigers will have two seniors to lead the charge this season.

Although the Tigers play in a tough area against Brantley, Florala and Pleasant Home, McKenzie’s varsity should gain a ton of playing experience with four games scheduled before area play begins.

Head coach: Tim Moorer

Returning leaders: Sattrick Rudolph, junior, F; Brandon Kent, senior, G.

Roster (Name, class, position): Sattrick Rudolph, junior, F; Jeremy Adams, senior, G; Brandon Kent, senior, G; Curtis Ball, junior, F; Chance Davis, junior, F; Daniel Ballard, senior, F; Calvin Henderson, freshman, G; Jarvis Womack, freshman, C; Elrick Ball, senior, G; Chris Nix, senior, G.


Cindy Lowe’s Lady Tigers won their area last season and made it all the way to Mobile before losing to Sunshine.

Three seniors are gone from last year’s squad and this year’s team is without a senior.

Although there are no seniors on this year’s team, the Tigers gained a lot of experience from last season and it should show this year.

Head coach: Cindy Lowe

Returning leaders: Amber Rudolph, junior, G; LaRonica Peterson, junior, G; Tia Bush, junior, F.

Roster (Name, class): Tia Bush, junior; LaRonica Peterson, junior; Amber Rudolph, junior; Shymetrica Ball, freshman; Aleshia Stuckey, freshman; Markentia Ball, sophomore; Jeleshia Everett, freshman; Tamiya Owens, sophomore.