Officials pleased supernumerary abolished

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 16, 2006

County commissioners are pleased voters adopted an amendment to the constitution that eliminates supernumerary positions in Butler County for elected officials.

The amendment received 72.48 percent of the vote as 4,027 voters in the county helped pass the legislation. 1,529 voters voted against it.

&#8220I want to thank all the commissioners for help in getting the word out and thank all the voters in Butler County for helping abolish this,” said Jesse McWilliams, chairman of the Butler County Commission.

Commissioner Frank Hickman said it was &#8220a great day for the taxpayers” in the county.

&#8220It will save millions over the course of years,” said Hickman. &#8220The voters are to be congratulated.”

The amendment effectively phases out the supernumerary retirement system for elected positions inside the county. With the supernumerary program in place, the county has paid 100 percent of the sheriff’s, and a portion of the tax collector’s and tax assessor’s, retirement from the county’s general fund.

All future elected officials - including sheriff-elect Kenny Harden - to these positions will now fall under the state’s retirement system.

Butler County is the 55th county to adopt this amendment.

According to County Administrator Diane Kilpatrick, current Sheriff Diane Harris qualifies for the maximum supernumerary salary benefit of 65 percent of her current salary, which will amount to $39,557 per year for life. Tax assessor Carolyn Middleton will qualify for 75 percent of her current salary ($42,429 per year for life), and tax collector Belle Peavy will qualify for 65 percent of her current salary ($36,772.54 per year for life).