Cable show searching for historic homes

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 25, 2006

A popular cable television show is seeking homes in Greenville and Butler County that have an interesting and historic past.

&#8220If Walls Could Talk” is a weekly series that airs Sundays on Home and Garden Television (HGTV). The show focuses on new homeowners who've made surprising discoveries about their homes while attempting to explore and restore them, according to Jenna Friederich, research coordinator with the program. The show is coming to Birmingham and is looking for homes that are within a two-hour radius of that area, she said.

&#8220If you have renovated a historic home and made amazing discoveries we want to talk to you,” she said.

Friederich said a lucky few homeowners are sometimes amazed to discover that the artifacts they've discovered are actually worth a good deal of money.

Recent stories on the show include:

n A Connecticut family moves into a neglected 1800s Victorian only to find antiques and a mysterious locked cabinet. What they find inside tells the touching story of their home's original owner. Then, in the attic, they discover original paintings and the &#8220If Walls Could Talk” appraiser pays them a visit. The expert reveals their discoveries are worth thousands of dollars.

n A husband and wife turn a turn of the century bank into their dream home. In the process they find the original bank vault full of safety deposit boxes that are still locked.

n A Colorado couple finds books, clothing and jewelry in their new home. The clues add up to the story of a best-selling author who lived in the house until she disappeared.

n A New York bachelor buys a hundred year old mansion and makes a chilling discovery in the basement - his home sweet home used to be a funeral home!

&#8220If Walls Could Talk” premiered in 1998 and has aired over 200 episodes. The show is produced for HGTV by High Noon Entertainment in Denver, Colorado.

Homeowners who have interesting stories to share and who would like to be considered for the show can contact Friederich at 303-712-3146 or by email: