Luverne Public

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Library receives $5K

By Regina Grayson

Luverne Mayor Joe Rex Sport announced at Monday evening's Luverne City Council meeting that Rep. Charles Newton had presented the Luverne Public Library with a $5,000 check on Nov. 9.

Library Director Rene Lester said that the library supported readers of all ages, from the very young to college students, and adults of all ages. She reported that the library was used for all kinds of purposes, including &#8220research, word processing, career advancement, hobbies, health and legal issues, leisure reading, religious studies and genealogy,” just to name a few.

The Luverne Public Library has many programs available for both adults and children.

In other business, Mayor Sport said that Steven Harrell and Paul Casteel would be joining the Luverne Police Department. Officer Harrell began Nov. 6, while Officer Casteel's first day on the force will be Nov. 16.

Wed., Nov. 15, was Officer Mason Adcock's last working day with the LPD.

&#8220We're still interviewing for a dispatcher's position at the department,” Sport said.

As for the Downtown Revitalization Project, Sport said that the city had been looking into installing pigeon strips, or bird spikes, along the roof peaks and ledges along South Forest Ave. The strips would not harm the birds, but it would keep them from roosting along the tops of the buildings.

&#8220We're looking at putting them in places where the pigeons might really cause problems, particularly on South Forest Ave. where people are walking,” Sport said.

City Engineer Morris Tate reported that work on the downtown project continued at a satisfactory pace.

Sport added that some of the older street light posts had been painted as well.

The city is also looking into resurfacing the tennis courts at Turner Park, as well as possibly placing a 2 1/2 foot guard fence around the sand swings for children's protection.

D.W. Pecan Company has opened for business and is located on Highway 331 North in Industrial Park next to Sister Schubert's.

&#8220Mr. Wood told me that they were very pleased to be where they are,” Sport said.

He added that the pecan company would deliver the pecans already shelled for customers.

The council announced that the Luverne Christmas Parade would be held on Sat., Dec. 2, beginning at 11 a.m. There will be a special float to honor the 117th National Guard Field Artillery Unit. More information about the Christmas parade and the floats will be forthcoming.