Police seize two pounds of marijuana during stop

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 11, 2007

Greenville police officers seized two pounds of marijuana during the routine traffic stop of an Ohio man prior to the first of the year.

According to Lt. Kenneth Parker, officers arrested Henry Willard Crews, 37, of Columbus, OH, charging him with possession of marijuana, 1st degree. Crews was arrested on Dec. 29, 2006 at approximately 7:30 p.m. by Parker and Cpl. Curtis Miller. Parker said Crews was traveling in a 1991 Acura Legend on I-65 and was stopped at Greenville Exit 130 because of a busted taillight and no tag on the automobile. Officers noticed the smell of marijuana coming from inside the car upon inspection. The marijuana was found in a pair of plastic bags inside a satchel in the trunk of the car, according to the official report. Officers also seized $252 in assorted U.S. currency during the stop.

Parker said Crews told officers he was traveling from New Orleans, La., to Atlanta, Ga. He was transported to the Butler County Jail, said Parker, where he was released soon after on $10,000 bond.

Parker said Crews had a prior conviction on trafficking narcotics.

Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram traffic stops such as these was one of the reasons the department purchased a K-9 unit. Assisting Parker and Miller in searching the vehicle was Eiko, the GPD's newest officer, a Belgian Malinois.