Circuit Clerk Ann Tate retires after 24 years of service

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surrounded by family, co-workers and friends Thursday afternoon, Dec. 28, the guest of honor was all smiles amid the hugs, the tears and the laughter.

A retirement reception for Crenshaw County Circuit Clerk Ann Tate was held in the upstairs courtroom of the Crenshaw County Courthouse. Tate will be retiring Jan. 12 after 24 years of service to the county.

&#8220She has fought a lot of battles for us,” Assistant Circuit Clerk Jeannie Gibson said. &#8220She has praised us, and she's scolded us when we needed itŠ. She's been a great service to Crenshaw County and to the state of Alabama.”

Tate was elected to the office in 1982 and took office in Jan. of 1983. Gibson has worked under her for 23 of those 24 years.

&#8220When it comes to all of the computer and data equipment, Ann has brought us into the computer age from the Stone Age,” Gibson said.

&#8220My favorite words in the office have always been, ‘Mrs. Tate will be right with you,'” Gibson said, laughing. &#8220Now, I've got to get some new words.”

Gibson ran unopposed and was elected to the Circuit Clerk's position in the Nov. election. She will officially take office Jan. 16.

&#8220There is definitely one thing that I can say about Mrs. Ann Tate,” Gibson continued. &#8220There have been 24 years of integrity and honesty in the Circuit Clerk's office.”

Edna Ruth Norsworthy also praised Tate and presented her with a gift on behalf of the Brantley Rural Quilt Club and several friends.

&#8220As soon as we found out that Ann was retiring, I began looking through my quilt books,” Norsworthy said. &#8220I found a pattern called ‘Courthouse Rounds.' This is a queen-sized quilt for a queen of a lady who has made several rounds in this courthouse.”

Norsworthy said that the Brantley Rural Quilt Club began making the quilt in April of 2006.

&#8220What a joy and a blessing it has been to serve this county and to have the opportunity to get to know all of you,” an emotional Tate said.

Tate thanked each of her family members who had attended the reception, including her husband, Morris, her sons, Jim and Will, her daughters-in-law and her grandchildren. Just before the reception began, Tate received a phone call from her son Matt who is serving in Iraq.

&#8220I especially want to thank the special young ladies in my office,” she added. &#8220Jeannie Gibson, Twyla Smith, Sherrie Sipper and Julie SandersŠThis is the squallingest bunch of folks,” she said, laughing.

Gibson added that she was very thankful for the many years of service she has had with Tate.

&#8220We're going to get all the good out of her we can until Jan. 12,” she said, laughing.