State requires new application for disability parking placards and tags

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Special to The Journal

The State of Alabama department of Revenue sent a memorandum to all county license plate issuing officials, including the Probate Office in Crenshaw County, to require new application forms for Handicap Parking tags and placards.

This memo is a reminder that every individual seeking to acquire or renew a disability access parking privilege placard or license plate in 2007 must have a licensed physician complete a new certification. These forms, the MVR form 32-6-230, are available in the Probate Office.

Effective January 1, 2007, individuals with a short or long-term disability applying for a new or renewing a previously issued disability access placard and/or license plate must have a licensed physician complete the revised Department of Revenue, &#8220Application for Disability Access Parking Privilege” form MVR 32-6-230. They must then return the form to the County Probate Office for processing.

The form may be downloaded at the following website:

Crenshaw County Probate Judge Jim Perdue said that there is very little latitude in the requirements from the state.

&#8220We will continue to assist applicants with completion of the forms along with any other assistance that may be needed while working with our local doctors in completing the forms,” Perdue said.

He added that if a physician's office confirms the application to his office, a renewal would be issued until the forms can be returned to the Probate Office.