Commission approves liquor license for

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2007

L & G Package

By Regina Grayson

The Crenshaw County Commission approved a Lounge Retail Liquor Class II license, off premises only, for the L & G Package Store at the commission's regular meeting Monday evening.

A 5:30 p.m. public hearing was held in commission chambers concerning the license, which was granted to Leyon Spencer and Gwendolyn Foster Spencer. L & G Package is located at 1240 Rising Star Road in Grady.

During the public hearing, the Rev. Raymond Franklin, president of the Helicon Community Association, presented a letter to the commission on behalf of concerned citizens of the association who were opposed to the liquor license being granted.

According to the letter, Franklin and other concerned citizens said that the L & G Package Store was located in &#8220a residential area surrounded by senior citizens and children,” and that it was located near a church, a community center and a playground.

The letter also said that even though the community welcomed any businesses, it felt that the granting of the license would &#8220add to the crime problems this community is already plagued with.”

The commission approved the license with a 3-0 vote. Commissioner Ed Beasley was absent from the meeting. Commissioner Charlie Sankey, Jr., abstained.

In other business, Emergency Management Agency Director Jessica Tomlin reported to the commission that she had completed the Orientation to Emergency Management Certification and that she had also become N.I.M.S. certified. N.I.M.S. certification is the National Incident Management System whereby all emergency personnel would be able to communicate more easily during an emergency or natural disaster situation.

&#8220I'm really proud of Jessica,” Chairman Ronnie Hudson said. &#8220She's worked hard this last week and a half.”

Hudson also asked Tomlin about becoming certified to dispatch E-911 services in emergency situations since the E-911 system was moving into the EMA building. Tomlin agreed to look into it.