Luverne business owner addresses sign

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 3, 2007

ordinanceBy Regina Grayson

Business owner Danny Rolling brought his concerns to the Luverne City Council about a letter that was recently sent out to the businesses along South Forest Avenue in downtown Luverne .

The letter was a reminder to the businesses that the city has an ordinance prohibiting signs and banners on city sidewalks and right-of-ways, and it requested that these be removed if a business currently had any on display.

Rolling first complimented the council on the downtown's renovations and how &#8220beautiful” everything looked, but he was concerned about having to remove his sign from the sidewalk in front of his and his wife Lisa's businesses, Lisa's Radio Shack and Lisa's Jewelry Box and Gifts.

&#8220I'm not here to do anything to make downtown look bad,” Rolling said. &#8220Just don't keep me from advertising for my business.”

Rolling said that their advertising sign is now inside the building where it is &#8220doing me no good.”

He also presented a display of several pictures that he had taken of different places where business and advertising signs had not been removed thus far.

&#8220I want to be treated fairly,” Rolling said. &#8220I'm asking for permission to put my sign back up without feeling like I'm breaking the law.”

In the letter,

it stated that in the past, &#8220the city had been lax in enforcing this ordinance,” but that as of Jan. 1, 2007, the ordinance would be enforced. Luverne Mayor Joe Rex Sport told Rolling that the council didn't want anything obstructing the sidewalks.

&#8220We want to keep the sidewalks open and not cluttered,” Sport said. &#8220But we'll look into the prospect of having signs that could be moved inside back and forth.”

Sport said that the council would further discuss the matter and get back with Rolling about the issue.

In other business, the council approved the election of officers for the Luverne Volunteer Fire Department. They were elected to serve a two-year

term. The officers are as follows: Fire Chief William McManigle, Asst. Chief W.A. Neal, 1st Captain Drew Money, 2nd Captain Jason McManigle, 1st Lieutenant Denny Williams, 2nd Lieutenant John McManigle, and Secretary/Treasurer Kip Smith.