Board addresses

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 14, 2007



By Regina Grayson

Even though no action was taken, the subject of school uniforms came up at the Jan. 18 meeting of the Crenshaw County Board of Education. Schools Superintendent Kathi Wallace said that parents &#8220needed to know about this before they buy new clothes for next year.”

&#8220We still get a lot of complaints about what the kids are wearing at school,” Wallace said.

She added that the school system's dress code had been &#8220tweaked” here and there over time.

Board member Bertha Jones said that she believed school uniforms helped to &#8220take away peer pressure and a lot of other things.”

&#8220I've been in a school system where uniforms were implemented, and I've seen it in action,” Jones said. &#8220The uniforms, to me, just look better, and the kids act better.”

Board Chairman Willie Smith reminded board members that, unfortunately, weapons could be hidden in loose fitting clothing.

&#8220I think this (school uniforms) is something we should pursue,” Smith said.

Wallace said that surrounding counties such as Butler and Lowndes counties had implemented school uniforms and had seen success with it.

The board did not take any action on this issue but decided to look into it further.

*In other business, the board approved Highland Home School's request to name its baseball field the Ronald E. McVay Baseball Field.

*The board approved to hire Mr. Jim Head to teach music in the elementary schools. Head would spend one day each week in each school. He would be paid according to the state retirement system requirements.

*The board approved to invest one $100,000 CD for one year and another $100,000 CD for two years at Brantley Bank and Trust.

*The board approved for the Brantley High School baseball team to take a trip during Spring Break to Disney World. Parents are paying for transportation, and this trip will be of no expense to the board of education.

*The board approved to pay $10,000 to the City of Brantley for two new dugouts to be built in the city park for baseball games. Brantley High School presently uses Godwin Field for its baseball games.

*Supt. Wallace announced that the school system had a new Web site where anyone can go online and check different pieces of information, including financial statements for the system and upcoming events, for example. The Web site is