CCEIDA to host #8216;Crenshaw Forward!#039; meetings

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Crenshaw County Economic and Industrial Development Authority has begun hosting community meetings that will serve to bring the leadership of Crenshaw County together for an opportunity to discuss plans and efforts to move the development of the county forward in a common direction. These meetings will also provide updates on local employment and the status of economic development in Crenshaw County.

The meetings, titled &#8220Crenshaw Forward!”, began this week at the Petrey Community Center. It was hosted and sponsored by Phillip Swindle of East Alabama Poultry Supply and the Town of Petrey.

CCEIDA Director Jim Brook said that the meetings will hopefully create &#8220an informal venue for sharing thoughts and ideas on ways to lead Crenshaw County forward through economic growth, good governance and improved living standards” for everyone in the county.

&#8220Every county around us has some type of long-term economic development plan or program,” Brook said. &#8220Crenshaw County does not. We're living year-to-year and month-to-month.”

Brook said that several different issues would be discussed at the community meetings, including the need for affordable housing and the need for citizens to have more places to shop, especially when it comes to retail stores.

&#8220We want the county to be a viable place to work and to live,” he said. &#8220We need to dedicate long-term thought and resources to this. ‘Crenshaw Forward!' will be a forum to discuss issues pertinent to the long-term overall health of this county.”

Brook said that even though Crenshaw County was located 42 miles from the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, the county itself had been given an economic reprieve.

&#8220Economic development is not just bringing in jobs,” he said. &#8220It includes always looking for better paying jobs that will enhance the economic well being of the citizens and the community.”

Future ‘Crenshaw Forward!' meetings will be held in each community around the county.

&#8220It is vital for the governmental leaders in this county to work together and share ideas for developing that common vision of growth for the county, as well as to address the issues that affect the citizens they represent,” Brook said. &#8220The main crux of this effort is to get the leadership of Crenshaw County together moving forward in a common direction with a common vision expecting uncommon results.”