HHS#039;s Leanna Reeves named to SEUS Honor Band

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It seems as if there is never a dull moment on the HHS campus. If sports are not the talk of the student body, then the endeavors and triumphs of individual students are.

In the past month, a number of Highland Home School students have found themselves being honored for a variety of feats. The administration, along with its pupils, has been recognized for its role in making HHS a great environment in which to learn and to grow. To find evidence of how fortunate the HHS community is, one does not have to search for long.

At the top of the list of the students to be commended for their accomplishments is trumpet player Leanna Reeves.

Leanna has recently been added to the ranks of the All-State Honor Band, which is also referred to as the Red Band. To determine which trumpet chair she will seat, Leanna must audition. The audition will take place in April on the campus of Auburn University.

Because she made the Red Band, Leanna has automatically won first chair of the trumpet section in the district honor band.

To add to Leanna's already impressive victory, she has been named to the Southeastern United States Honor Band, or SEUS. In this honor band, she has received fifth chair Silver Band after competing against other talented instrumentalists from Georgia, Florida, and other Southeastern states.

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The list of honor students has also been announced to the students of Highland Home School. In order to receive this honor, each student must have maintained a &#822090&uot; or above numerical GPA (grade point average).

The following students have done just that and so much more. Udarius Blair was named Valedictorian followed by Rebecca Jackson as Salutatorian. Summer Davis, Caitlin Freeman, Ethan Thierfelder, Jessica Thornton, Julisa Bryant, Jessica Pierce, Kennisha Gipson, and Tasha Squires are named in rank. Congratulations to these honor students for their perseverance and hard work through four long years.

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In basketball, all of the HHS teams have stayed true to their mascot which flies high.

On senior recognition night, the Elba Tigers rolled in with high hopes but left with disappointment as the Squadron varsity teams left the scoreboard in favor of the home teams.

The Lady Squadron, however, deserve an even greater round of applause. Before halftime, the Lady Squadron were down by more than ten points. All of that changed once the Lady Squadron stole the game away from the Lady Tigers with a close win.

Last Friday night in Brantley, the varsity Squadron soared to a win over the Brantley Bulldogs. That Friday night marked the end of regular season games.

This week the varsity teams will compete in tournaments that will eventually decide the best basketball teams in the state.

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On January 29, the Crenshaw County Board of Education paid a visit to the Highland Home School campus. Ms. Jones, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Smith, and Superintendent Wallace were escorted by Principal Eiland as they toured the campus.

The board members were impressed with the in-depth elementary reading classes and the recitations that were taking place in Mrs. Sims's Advanced English class.

By the end of the visit, the board members relayed to Mr. Eiland that the pride HHS students have in their school is evident.

These are just a portion of the exciting things happening at Highland Home School. Most certainly, with prom and graduation right around the corner, there will be more excitement to come.