LBWCC-Greenville dual enrollment expanding

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Special to the Advocate

The Dual Enrollment program at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College Greenville Campus is experiencing growth in many areas.

&#8220We're going to be adding classes at Greenville High School and Georgiana High School,” Dr. Michael Daniel, director of LBWCC Greenville Campus, said. &#8220We want to give our dual enrollment students as many options as possible.”

Some of the classes being added to the curriculum will include Pre-Calculus, Calculus, US History 2 and English Composition 2.

These classes are scheduled to be added by the Fall semester of 2007.

Several students at Greenville

High School have already gone through parts of the Dual Enrollment classes and feel it is a beneficial program for students who are interested getting a head start in higher education.

&#8220I'm in the program to try and cut down the amount of time I would have to spend at Auburn,” Lauren Bryan, a junior at Greenville High School who plans to major in veterinary medicine at Auburn University, said. &#8220I hoping to cut my four core years down to three.”

Bryan plans to continue in the Dual Enrollment program as long as she is attending Greenville High School and feels that other students should look into the program.

&#8220It's less expensive to pay the price at LBW than it is at a four-year university,” Bryan said. &#8220You cut the amount of time you spend on core classes so you can spend more time working on your major.”

Some students are taking courses both at Greenville High School and at the LBWCC Greenville campus.

&#8220I'm taking Pre-Calculus right now and I'm taking English 102 at night at the LBW campus,” Leslie Palmer, a senior at GHS who plans to major in Business Marketing at Auburn University next Fall. &#8220I've really enjoyed the experience at LBW. The teachers are really great and they've helped me so much with my courses.”

Dr. Jean Thompson, director of the LBWCC Greenville Campus, has been instrumental in the development of dual enrollment courses for LBWCC.

&#8220When I came here, there was no such thing as dual enrollment,” Thompson said. &#8220We've come a long way and I'm so very proud of the work that's been done.”

Thompson was also responsible for helping start a dual enrollment program at Georgia Perimeter College in Dekalb, Ga. before being named director of the Greenville Campus.

&#8220It's a wonderful opportunity for students and I hope it continues to grow,” Thompson said.

For more information contact Dr. Mike Daniel at 334-383-6703 or by e-mail at