Commission addresses Helispec#039;s #036;30K debt to county

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Helispec president and co-founder Gregg Holt addressed the Crenshaw County Commission concerning a $30,000 debt that the company owes for dirt placement that was done for an additional building when the company first located to Brantley.

Holt said that the company currently has 30 employees working at the helicopter refurbishing plant, and he is working on three possible new projects for the company.

Two of those projects would be for the Navy, while another possible project would be for the Army.

&#8220If we get all three projects, we'll be able to add 30 more employees,” Holt said.

&#8220Our intent is to pay you as soon as we can, but it all depends on when the cash flow comes in.”

According to Commissioner Charlie Sankey, Jr., the company had been sent several invoices concerning the debt, but no payments had been made.

Commissioner Ed Beasley suggested that Helispec could pay back the town of Brantley, and then the county could get its money back from them.

Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson told Holt that the commission wanted &#8220their company (Helispec) to work” and to be successful.

&#8220But even at 60 jobs, it's less than what we've invested in other businesses,” Hudson said.

Hudson asked Holt for a possible time frame in which Helispec could pay back the money it owes.

&#8220We don't have a time frame to pay the money back yet,” Holt said. &#8220We're just waiting on the cash flow to come in.”

n In other business, the commission approved the appointment of Houston Everett to the Human Resources Board of Directors. Also, Irene Fowler was reappointed to the Board for District Five.

n Jimmy Massey was appointed to the Quint-Mar Water Authority Board.

n The Commission approved to renew the county license levies for new and renewed fees to the ABC Board at the same rate.

n Crenshaw County recently won the Groundwater Guardian Award and will host a Groundwater Festival for the county's fourth graders. The commission approved $250 out of the General Fund to the Clean Water Partnership to help pay for the Groundwater Festival.

n Approved to pay $130 for EMA Director Jessica Tomlin to get a phone line repaired in the EMA building.

n Approved a 4.24 percent financing rate from BanCorp for the new equipment for the county's highway department.

n Approved a deed to be returned to Claude B. Norman, Jr., and Janice Norman.

n Approved the tax levy as presented by Revenue Commissioner Sherry McSwean.