Resident complains about Garnersville Road conditions

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

At the Feb. 12 Crenshaw County Commission meeting, Highland Home resident Willie Abrams came before the commission to complain about the condition of Garnersville Road.

&#8220It is the only dirt road this side of Sardis,” Abrams said. &#8220If someone got sick, an ambulance couldn't get down there.”

Abrams said that he had had a business down the dirt road at one time, but he'd closed the business because &#8220people didn't want to come down that dirt road.”

&#8220When the road gets muddy, people slide off into the ditch,” he said. &#8220We really need something done about it.”

The road extends from Highway 331 to Bodiford Poole Road and is considered a main road.

&#8220School buses go down that road, and Heaven forbid something should happen to one of them,” Abrams said.

Commissioner Charlie Sankey, Jr., said that because of increased traffic around Dongwon, the road had begun to ripple.

&#8220It's a sandy based roadŠ.There is clay now on top of sand (on that road), which is really bad when it rains,” Sankey said. &#8220I've gotten stuck up there.”

Sankey said that after the rainy season, the road would be crowned, and sand and gravel would be put on it.

Since the road is only four miles long and is located in a sparsely populated area, the access to federal grant money for road repairs was less likely.

&#8220It costs approximately $330,000 per mile to pave a road to state specs,” Sankey said.

Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson agreed with Sankey and Abrams and said that the commission knew that &#8220Garnersville Road is a problem.”

&#8220But we are working on it,” Sankey said.