Search warrants lead to four arrests on drug charges

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday, Feb. 16, was a busy day for the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Department and for other local law enforcement agencies.

Three different search warrants resulted in four major drug arrests, including the arrests of Willie David Ridgeway, 52, and Willie Morris Everett, 54, both of the Mulberry Community just off of Highway 106.

Ridgeway and Everett live in separate residences along Mulberry Road. During a search of Ridgeway's residence, several bags of marijuana (approximately four ounces), a set of scales, and one and one-half grams of cocaine were found, along with one shotgun and one handgun. Also found at the residence was $1,364 in cash.

At the residence of Willie Everett, one ounce of marijuana was recovered, along with five grams of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Both men were arrested and have been released on bond.

According to Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office Investigator Robin Daniels, these arrests were the result of a &#8220lengthy investigation by the sheriff's office, the Dozier Police Department and the District Attorney's office.”

&#8220Sheriff (Charles) West is allowing us to take on a role of coordinating information from various agencies in the county in order to assist them with their own investigations,” Daniels said. &#8220If the agencies are limited with their resources, then we try to assist them. We are all working together in this.”

Also on Feb. 16, Demetrius Harris, 22, of Luverne, and Deandre Phiffer, 20, of Rutledge, were arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine, which is a Class A felony, possession of marijuana, first degree, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child endangerment.

Daniels said that Harris and Phiffer were in the process of cutting and bagging the cocaine in the living room when the officers arrived.

&#8220They jumped up and ran and hid under the bed in the bedroom where two children were,” he said. &#8220The kids were sitting on the bed.”

Harris and Phiffer had thrown the drugs throughout the living room, the hallway and the bedroom when they heard the officers at the door.

Daniels said that the two men had been left to baby sit the two children, ages four and seven.

Officers found over two ounces of cocaine in powder and crack form, one ounce of marijuana, a set of digital scales and packaging materials for drugs, plus $914 in cash.

The family was notified and came to pick up the children.

Officers on the scene included Daniels, Investigator Ronnie White, Deputy Jerry Pritchett, Deputy Mason Adcock, Deputy Heath Truman, and Officers Robert Brantley and Rorry Vignola of the Luverne Police Department.

&#8220This was a good cooperative effort between the Luverne Police Dept. and the Sheriff's Office,” Daniels said. &#8220Between their information and ours, we were able to get a warrant and make an arrest.”

Both Harris and Phiffer remain in the Crenshaw County Jail.