Spring fever begins

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Other than that 3 a.m. wakeup call Saturday when the NOAA weather radio blared its siren, it was a very lovely weekend. Thankfully, we once again dodged a bullet and didn't get any of the severe weather that struck other areas.

What we did get were fresh spring breezes, sunshine and that heady sense spring can't be too far away. Our cats hang out by the open patio door, tails twitching at the sight of those juicy birds at the feeder. The dogs bask in the sunshine and work on getting highlights in their coats.

My mother, glad to be wearing her short-sleeved gowns at the nursing home,  casts a longing glance from her bed at the courtyard outside her window.

Hard to believe other states are coated in ice and snow, isn't it?

I love spring. I hate spring. It's the same every year, it seems.

The swollen neck glands, itchy eyes, sinus headache, the lump in my throat - all are part and parcel of the changing of the seasons.

I guess it isn't such a terrible price to pay for those balmy, jonquil-bright days we enjoy before summer's heat and humidity move in to stay. Guess I'll take that Allegra and a couple of ibuprofen and enjoy it while I can.

n n n

Today we unveil our annual &#8220Horizons” edition. Our merry little band of  journalists, sales reps and  ad composers has been working hard over the past several weeks to put this paper together. It's stressful, it's demanding, it's a chore and it's also fun - but not so much fun we'd want to do it more than once a year.

Seriously, we couldn't do it without our community. Many people consented to be interviewed and photographed (and trust me, some folks would rather divulge their deepest, darkest secrets than to take up a single megapixel of memory card space on my camera). Others helped provide historical background info and vintage photographs for stories.

We talked to educators, coaches, business people, volunteers; young and old, black and white, long-time members of the community and folks relatively new to our area.

And we discovered some fun things along the way. Pioneer Electric Manager Steve Harmon is from the same part of Tennessee as my mom; we both know where mountain-high places like Spring City and Soddy Daisy are located.

&#8220Miss” Willie Mae Robinson has a cat who is the absolute doppelganger of my mother's dear old Midnight, right down to the name. Midnight #2 and I got to bond on one of those pre-spring afternoons that make you want to roll in the grass (I managed to stay in my chair, but the kitty sure had a lovely time frolicking that day!).

Dr. Kathy Murphy took me on a nostalgic trip back to my own high school days and the many teachers who had a positive effect on us both, it seems.

Mr. Gene Hardin reminded of the tremendous changes that have taken place in newspaper publishing over the years, and the importance of never forgetting the reader.

Thanks to all who took the time to submit nominations for Citizen of the Year and congrats to the gracious lady who earned this year's title, &#8220Miss” Bobbie Gamble.

For any mistakes we didn't catch, we humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Angie Long is Lifestyles reporter for The Greenville Advocate. She can be reached at 382-3111 ext. 132 or via email at angie.long@greenvilleadvocate.com.