Calling all readers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 8, 2007

There's one place in town that offers citizens of all ages a place to explore the world. It offers books, periodicals, movies and books-on-tape, computers and access to the Worldwide Web.

Here you can travel to the past and journey to the future; discover some great new recipes, learn a new hobby, delve into local, state and national history.

Local high school and college students use it for research; senior citizens can find large-print books, and youngsters discover a wonderful world of colorful storybooks to help instill a love of reading.

In fact, children have their own special room in this magical place, where they can enjoy arts and crafts, music, storytelling and more each month during the school year and weekly during the summer.

And it's all free and open to the residents throughout Butler County.

Welcome to the Greenville-Butler County Public Library, a place that gives much to the community and the county.

Each spring, the public has the opportunity to give back to the library, so mark your calendars.

The Annual Library Used Book Sale is slated for April 13-14, 2007 and the staff is already gearing up for the much-anticipated event.

&#8220We are getting ready for our book sale next month, and once again asking for those donations,” says GBCPL Head Librarian Burke &#8220Sweetie” McFerrin.

A worthy cause for kids

The annual sale is a perfect time for local households to do a bit of spring cleaning as they help a very worthy cause.

&#8220The monies raised through this sale go to buy equipment, furnishings and supplies for our children's library programs. We've been able to do things for our children we couldn't do through our regular budget,” McFerrin says.

Each month on Super Saturday, led by Children's Librarian Jean Bauer,children from preschool through fourth grade enjoy celebrations of holidays, seasons, and great children's authors.

Bauer introduces the colorful traditions of Mardi Gras, winter wonders, the magic of dragons and castles, and much more to the youngsters, who participate in crafts, sing songs, listen to stories and learn while doing.

&#8220Jean does a marvelous job with the kids and they love her,” McFerrin says.

Each summer for six weeks, the GBCPL brings the Summer Reading Program to local youngsters, featuring a different exciting theme, from pirates to prehistoric creatures to circus time, each year.

Children earn points for books read and a chance to win fun prizes during the summer program.

Presentations by Birmingham's McWane Science Center and other events have also come to the children in the Camellia City throughout the year.

&#8220We are able to bring things to our children they might not get to experience and enjoy otherwise,” McFerrin says.

Calling all book lovers 

And the books contributed to the annual sale help make it all possible.

All types of books – paperback and hardcover, mysteries, romances, thrillers, science fiction, humor, historical, biographies, children's books, cookbooks, textbooks and more – are sought for the annual sale.

Along with books, used DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, periodicals, even sheet music are also accepted by the staff.

&#8220We will be happy to take it all,” McFerrin says with a smile.

Prices are an absolute bargain at the sale, with hardcovers going for $1 each and just 50 cents each for paperbacks.

Booklovers can take advantage of the preview sale, slated for Friday, April 13 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. For an admission charge of $5, attendees get first crack at the selection. On Saturday, April 14, the sale continues with free admission from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with prices dropping throughout the day.

&#8220Our sale means it's up to you - come early, buy now and make sure you get the books you want, or wait for the price to drop and take the chance they will be gone. It's a fun gamble,” McFerrin says.

It's also a chance for families to build their own library at home at a very affordable cost.

&#8220Books can be very expensive. This sale is a great way moms, dads and grandparents can collect some wonderful books for their children and grandchildren to enjoy again and again,” the librarian says.

Contributions will be taken by the library staff right up to the day of the sale.

For more information, contact the GBCPL at 382-3216.