Crowne gets high marks from state survey

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's always gratifying when you get a good grade.

At Crowne Health Care of Greenville, last week's three-day survey, which was conducted through the Alabama Department of Public Health, elicited an &#8220A” for the 118-bed facility.

&#8220While there were a few minor deficiencies we have to correct, the overall report was very, very good,” CHC Adminstrator Ann Smith, RN.

&#8220We are very pleased with how smoothly the survey process went. It was a very polite and professional team that visited us.”

The annual surveys, which generally take place some 9-15 months apart, are &#8220always unannounced,” Sandra Medley, MSW, director of admissions and marketing for the facility, said.

&#8220There is no advance notice, so basically we always have to be prepared.”

A team of five registered nurses came in for the review, looking at all aspects of the nursing home's operation. It is a very thorough and in-depth process, said Smith.

&#8220They interviewed and reviewed everyone from RNs and CNAs to housekeeping and laundry personnel and looked over many charts and records, including any grievances filed. They also spoke with several residents and their families and talked with our resident council members,” Smith said.

Talking with the resident council members allowed the survey team to ask questions of the residents dealing with everything from the quality of the food served, to the promptness of response from staff members when the call button was pushed.

One unexpected incident allowed the nursing home to shine, Medley said.

&#8220When we had the tornado warning issued last Thursday, they complimented us on our quick response in getting the residents moved to their designated places.”

In fact, the administrators said they were always proud of the hard work shown by their staff, both during the survey and &#8220every day.”

&#8220These folks do a great job for us all year long. They know their jobs and really keep on top of things,” Smith said.

Once the final draft of last week's survey has been received by the nursing home in the next two weeks, the facility will post the document &#8220where anyone can stop in and read it,” the administrators said.

Medley hopes many will take the time to do so.

&#8220We are the only nursing home in Greenville and one of only two in the county, including Georgiana. So if people need us, we want them to know this place has been looked over from top to bottom and thoroughly examined,” Medley said.

&#8220We want anyone considering nursing home care for a loved one to feel free to come in and see and experience what this team experienced while they were here those three days.”

Crowne Health Care of Greenville currently employs 140-150 employees, described as &#8220dedicated people” by Medley.

&#8220I always say, you can't work in a nursing home just for a paycheck. You have to really love elderly people,” Medley stressed.

&#8220We don't proclaim perfection here, but we do consider ourselves to be a family. Our number one priority is to look out for our residents and their needs, whether they are here short term or long term.”

Just as with a family, successes by the residents are celebrated by the staff, Smith said.

&#8220When we see a resident able to walk down that hall with a therapist, that is great, it's a joy. To be able to rehab someone who has injured themselves or been ill so they can go back home - that's very satisfying.”

For more information regarding the recent survey or for other questions, contact Crowne Health Care of Greenville at 382-3693.