Georgiana joins in support of schools

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cheers: To the Georgiana City Council. Town officials cast their vote for the county school system on Tuesday night, voting in favor of a one-cent sales tax increase for the purpose building and repairing school buildings throughout the district.

Georgiana stands to gain the most from the Board of Education's proposed $25 million comprehensive building plan; a $14 million school building which will consolidate the enrollment of R.L. Austin Elementary School and Georgiana High School, while also serving as a career tech training center for county students wishing to explore occupations in those fields.

We applaud Georgiana city officials for making this financial commitment to the school system's future. While no one likes additional taxes, we're sure a new K-12 school building in Georgiana will only draw more people, more homes and more businesses to the city.

Jeers: To drivers in Greenville who have yet to figure out which way you're supposed to exit and enter our fast food eateries on the bypass. At least weekend travelers have an excuse - many have never stopped here before. But you longtime residents of Greenville and Butler County have none.

Cheers: Belated cheers to Sheriff Kenny Harden for his removal of the sheriff's office door inside the courthouse. One of Harden's campaign promises was to make the sheriff's office more open to the public. He's off to good start in that respect.

Jeers: To the unknown man who identified himself to law enforcement in January 2006 as 50-year-old Albert Hawthorne, a former resident of Greenville who serves as a pastor in Brunswick, Ga. The unidentified suspect used Mr. Hawthorne's driver's license, lost with his wallet in 2005. Not only did the suspect assume Mr. Hawthorne's identity, but he also violated his reputation as well. We hope Greenville police are able to make an arrest in this case.

Cheers: To Braxton McNaughton's Netbait, featured in the Wednesday edition of The Greenville Advocate. Netbait, fishing lures that are produced in Butler County and shipped to anglers worldwide, and its success proves that sometimes all it takes is an idea and committment in order to turn a profitable business.