County clean up efforts begin this week

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2007

With many citizens complaining about the trash that has been thrown on the sides of the roadways throughout the county, the Crenshaw County Commission voted to begin a county-wide clean up beginning this week.

&#8220I get complaints all the time about the trash along the roads, and I know it's bad,” Commissioner Ed Beasley said. &#8220I'm catching a lot of heat from the citizens about thisŠWe need to start picking up trash this week.”

The commission passed a recommendation to amend Solid Waste Officer John Hollis's budget by $1,000 for driver compensation on rural road clean up and for general roadside trash pick up. The money would come from the county's General Fund.

The commissioners and volunteers and the waste management department are going to use county prisoners in the trash pick up. Beasley said that he would be starting on County Road 6 this week.

&#8220We'll have to take it one district at a time,” he said. &#8220But this is something that really needs to be done.”

All of the commissioners agreed with Beasley.

In other business, the commission agreed to hire Gary Peek at $10.50 an hour as a deputy in the sheriff's department to replace Deputy Jason Blue, whose resignation date is set for March 13. Peek would replace Blue at the Brantley Housing Authority.

Also, the commission gave its approval for Chief Deputy Jimmy Lecroy to apply for an ADECA grant that would provide a laptop computer, a domestic violence camera, a desktop computer and a printer for the sheriff's department. If the grant is approved, the county would pay the 25 percent match of $831.24.

Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson said that E-911 was requesting $10,000 of the $25,000 that the county was holding for them.

&#8220That would leave them a $15,000 balance from us,” Hudson said. The motion was approved.

In addition, a special resolution was passed by the commission to recognize Coach Charles M. Sport for his many years of service in teaching and coaching the students of Crenshaw County.