Don#039;t be a #8216;chicken#039; when it comes to reading!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tiger Pride: Luverne School News

By Traci Sanders

Luverne Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd as a part of NEA's &#8220Read Across America” celebration.

This year's celebration marked the 10th anniversary of Read Across America and also the 50th birthday of the book The Car in the Hat. Students enjoyed a full day of events centered around reading and Luverne Schools' theme &#8220Celebrate”.

Activities leading up to this day included a &#8220Surprise Reader” on the intercom each morning, displays in the hallways by each grade depicting their theme, a challenge to read 6,000 books in the month of February, and a challenge to see which students in grades 2-6 could earn the most Accelerated Reader points in a week.

To kick off the day's events, students gathered in the auditorium.

Coach Doug Brown talked to the students about Dr. Seuss and the importance of reading.

Mayor Joe Rex Sport read the &#8220Proclamation” and presented it to Coach Brown.

The students then listened to the &#8220Surprise Readers” again and were told who the readers were.

Mrs. Rodgers' 5th grade class received an ice cream party for being the only class to guess the correct reader each day.

The students were entertained with music by Luverne student Brian Manies.

Before returning to their classrooms, students toured the hallways to see the displays.

Students in K-4 through 1st grade enjoyed a visit from the Cat in the Hat and a story by Ms. Heather Sanders.

Guest readers visited each classroom.

These readers included parents, grandparents, varsity football players, varsity cheerleaders and faculty members.

A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all on the football field.

After lunch, each grade participated in Musical Chairs, Pin the Hat/Tail on the Cat in the Hat and the Dizzy Relay.

Awards were given to the students with the most Accelerated Reader Points on each grade level and a drawing was held for K-4 through 1st grade.

Receiving these awards were : K-4, Mariana Didley; Kindergarten, Gary Goodwin; 1st Grade, Tyrese Cantlow; 2nd Grade, Brandon Perdue; 3rd Grade, Kevin Oh; 4th Grade, Taylor Stewart; 5th Grade, Marcel McMillian; and 6th Grade, Chelsea McGinney.

The highlight of the day's events was the entertainment on the field.

The administrators, Mr. Earl Franks, Coach Doug Brown and Coach Chuck Alford, dressed in chicken costumes and danced to the &#8220Chicken Dance.”

The students then danced with them.

Following the activities on the field, students returned to their classrooms for a &#8220Birthday Party” for the &#8220Cat in the Hat.”