Parent#039;s reception held for Achiever Award nominees

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2007

The 10th annual Achiever Award Parent's Reception was held Wednesday night at the Greenville YMCA, giving all 28 nominees and their parents a chance to meet and introduce themselves before the interview process for the award begins next month.

Amanda Phillips, Achiever Award Executive Board Member and Greenville YMCA Director, said the night went as planned and it was encouraging to see the nominees all together for the first time.

&#8220I think it went wonderful,” Phillips said of the parent's reception. &#8220This group of kids seemed to intermingle more than groups have in the past and that is great because they represent the best of the best in Butler County.”

During the event, each nominee had their individual picture taken and then the group had their photo take for this year's program.

The nominees and their parents listened to instructions for upcoming procedures and also enjoyed cake and punch during the event.

Gregg Fuller, Achiever Award Executive Board Member and Greenville Parks and Recreation Department Athletic Director, was instrumental in beginning the Achiever Award 10 years ago and said Wednesday's reception was a perfect start leading up to the May 3 ceremony.

Although this year's group is smaller than years past, Fuller said this group has unlimited potential and should be a prelude to success in the future.

&#8220Keith Taylor had a vision 10 years ago and it's just gotten better and better each year,” Fuller said. &#8220Hopefully, this year will be the catalyst for the next 10 years to come.”

Jim Dunklin, Achiever Award committee member, was also on hand for Wednesday's reception and said any member of this year's group is deserving of the scholarship presented to each winner.

&#8220We're real excited with the strong group of candidates we have to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Achiever Award,” Dunklin said. &#8220Once again, due to our generous sponsors, we're excited to be able to provide the two winners each with a $1,500 scholarship.”

Each nominee will interview with the panel of judges in April and the award ceremony will be held May 3 at the Greenville First Baptist Church.

Here are this year's nominees:

Fort Dale Academy

Laura Tucker, Casey Hicks, Brittany Singleton, Carrie Leigh Coker, Cory Johnson and Stephen Butts

Greenville High

Nicole Pouncey, Laketta Bonner, Mesha Ashley, Zac Smith, Tom Powell IV, Lynn Lewis, Kelcius Pate, Vernon Harris Jr. and William Thomas

Georgiana High

Patrice Cheatham, Julia Maye, Willie Peterson III, Shane Boyd, Derrick Godwin and Gerard Pleasant

McKenzie High

Janae Johnson, Amanda Moseley, Kathryn Sanford, Jeremy Adams, Daniel Ballard, Brandon Kent and Wes Presley