Road name change in order

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 17, 2007

All the roads in the county have been given a name for the E-911 system and that is good.

Some names have been changed over time because of special request, maybe to honor a special person or landmark.

My family lives on Quail Tower Road named after the &#8220Tower Quail”, a business run for many years by Mr. Nall near the telephone tower north of Rutledge.

There is a little connector road between Quail Tower Road and 331 North named Pleasant Hill Road.

I have nothing at all against this beautiful name for the road, but the drive down the road is anything but &#8220pleasant.”

It is not because of the landowners, the Owens family and the Morgan family, who keep their land up nicely.

It is because of what is on the county right-of-way-the trash and the garbage.

I believe you can travel any road in Crenshaw County and not find a tenth as bad as this road.

What is the problem?


Who's to blame?

Well, naturally the folks who throw the trash out or let it fall off their vehicles.

What is the solution?

It has been all cleaned up several times only to be littered again.

The only permanent solution is to get the people who travel the road and litter it to quit. And how do you do that?

I don't know, but I'm going to try to find out.

I do know that the floorboard of my truck looks as bad as Pleasant Hill Road because that is where I throw my trash.

When I can't stand it anymore, I clean it out and put it in my garbage can. That is my solution.

I remember a TV spot that ran years ago.

It was probably during the time of Lady Bird Johnson's clean-up campaign and beautification movement. The spot showed a Native American on his horse.

A tear streamed down the old man's cheek as he viewed the garbage on the land and in the streams that he once took great pride in living on.

The caption read, &#8220It's enough to make you sick; isn't it enough to make you stop?”

If all this littering continues on Pleasant Hill Road, maybe the name should be changed to Garbage Hill Road in honor of all those who choose to make it so. We are all creatures of habit, and this is one habit we need to change.

Charles A. Sipper, constant traveler of Pleasant Hill Road