Participation up at Greenville High School for grad exam

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March Madness started last weekend but even before the annual tip-off of college basketball's championship tournament high school principals were executing a full-court press.

The week of March 5-9 was the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. Superintendent Mike Looney said school officials were out in force, finding students and pulling them into the classroom to take the exam. The state mandates a 95 percent participation requirement in order for schools to meet AYP.

&#8220We've gone to great lengths in order to see all of our students are tested,” said Looney.

Greenville High School Principal Dr. Kathy Murphy said teachers identified absent students, made phone calls and visited homes and places of business. School Resource Officer Malcom Owens was extensively involved in helping track down students, said Murphy.

&#8220In some cases, we caught a few folks by surprise,” said Murphy. &#8220Some parents didn't know their children were not in school.”

School officials also visited students with health issues at their homes to administer the test, said Murphy.

Students are given six opportunities to pass the AHSGE, a requirement in order to receive a diploma.

Students may take the test as early as the tenth grade and as late as the spring of their senior year.

&#8220Whether or not a student receives a diploma depends on how successful they are on this test,” said Murphy. &#8220We're there because we care and we want these kids to be successful. It's very important, academically.”

Last year Greenville High School had a 96 percent participation rate.

This year participation was 97 percent.