GHS, Fort Dale well represented in competition

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cheers: To all of the winners from Greenville at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College's 31st Annual Language and Fine Arts Tournament. As presented in Wednesday's edition of The Greenville Advocate, Greenville High School and Fort Dale Academy were well represented at this event awarding students who participated in art, reading, writing, literature, drama and music competitions. GHS student Mesha Ashley won both a scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design, as well as the Second Congressional District's Art award. Great job all.

Jeers: To the teenagers who vandalized and destroyed approximately 25 mailboxes in Butler County and were finally caught by the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

Holding batting practice on mailboxes is a reckless form of juvenile entertainment and we hope you have realized it as such.

Cheers: To Millie McDonald, the longtime piano and vocal teacher who remains an energetic part of the school system in Butler County, whether by teaching music theory at Greenville High School or instructing choral students at Fort Dale Academy.

&#8220Miss Millie” we wish your energy was contagious.

Jeers: To the Alabama Legislation for overriding Gov. Bob Riley's veto and voting itself a 61 percent pay increase.

While we agree that some pay raise was necessary, $19,000 heaped upon what already is a $30,000 part-time job is a preposterous amount of money.

Obviously, you took one look at the economic prosperity Alabama has experienced in the last five years and decided to greedily claim a greater portion of the pie.

Will the voters remember?

We'll make sure to remind them.