Spring cleaning should be a priority

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is here, and that means most folks will be cleaning out the cobwebs and sprucing up their yards for their annual spring cleaning.

But our homes and yards are not the only places we need to concentrate our attention.

Spring cleaning should extend to our entire community, as well.

Our streets and highways are the first chance we have to make a good impression on visitors. We live in a beautiful county, but we need to make sure that all roads leading here are as clean as can be.

That means taking time to make sure that we don’t litter; that we pick up trash when we can; and that we take the effort to make sure our neighborhoods, businesses and homes are pristine.

Why bother?

We can’t afford not to keep our community clean. Visitors to Crenshaw County could be here for a variety of reasons, from making a trip to the beach to scouting for industrial sites. We want our reputation to be the best, and for the word to spread that this is a beautiful place to visit. You never know when the car that passes you on the street is an industrial prospect or a tourist looking for a place to retire.

One person or one group can’t do it alone, but if every person makes cleaning up trash into a priority, we can make it happen.