Commission looks into closing Horse Creek Road

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Crenshaw County Commission approved a motion to begin the process of closing Horse Creek Road after hearing the concerns of two citizens whose property is directly affected by the public road.

During its Monday evening work session, the commission heard from Mike and Tammy Jordan, who brought pictures of trash, debris and deer carcasses that are constantly being thrown along the sides of the dirt road.

&#8220It's awful how people do on that road,” Tammy Jordan said. &#8220Mud riders get stuck, people drink on that road and throw the trash out; it's terrible.”

Mike Jordan said that there were no water or electric lines on the road. The Jordans brought a petition to the commission requesting that two miles of the road from just north of their home and driveway to just south of Shane and Tracy Dillion's driveway be closed. This portion of the road runs from Highway 77 at Ivy Creek Road and continues to Little Horse Creek Road. They also asked about the proposal of possible gate locations.

County Engineer Benjie Sanders said that he had spoken with Mike Jordan about the legal process that must be followed first.

&#8220I told Mike (Jordan) that a notice must be in the newspaper for four weeks, and it has to be posted at the courthouse,” Sanders said. &#8220All of the landowners are to be mailed notices, and we must have a public hearing. Plus, a title search must be done so we don't miss a landownerŠ.We have to let a lawyer go through the legal process of it.”

&#8220As long as convenient access is provided to land owners, and we hear from everyone at the public hearing, then the commission can agree to close it,” Sanders said. &#8220We must follow all of the laws and procedures correctly.”

The next Crenshaw County Commission meeting when the road decision could be made is tentatively set for Tuesday, May 29, at 6 p.m., since Monday, May 28, will be observed as Memorial Day. However, that date has not been confirmed by the commission.