Sheriff#039;s Office to receive new NCIC computer

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Crenshaw County Commission gave its approval to pay the 25 percent match for a grant that has been written by the Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office for an NCIC computer which will be housed at the E-911 office in the Emergency Management Agency building. The match is for $1,837.50.

All of the commissioners voted for the grant match except for Commissioner Ed Beasley.

The new NCIC computer will allow the sheriff's deputies to have access to numerous law enforcement data bases, allowing them to retrieve information that will aid them in their law enforcement duties.

The system, according to Crenshaw County Sheriff Charles West, will be operated by E-911 and will be under the control of the sheriff's office. This will also allow the sheriff's office and E-911 to have computer contact with all law enforcement agencies.

West also reported that the sheriff's office was almost finished with the restructuring of office personnel, including deputy rank structure, animal control, Victims' Services, jail personnel, and Civil Process servers. This also includes the creation of a rank structure for corrections officers.

West also requested that a wall or a petitioned area be set up within the sheriff's office.

&#8220(Chief Deputy) Jimmy Lecroy and I share the same office space,” West said. &#8220We share a phoneŠ.If people come in and need to talk to me, he has to stop his work and leave. We have no privacyŠ.We need a wall to make two offices, and we'll move things around.”

Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson agreed with West that he had &#8220no privacy” in his office and needed something done.

No action was taken at Monday night's meeting on the issue.