GHS Beta Club delivers a #8216;pie in the eye#039; to teacher

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 4, 2007

With the State Beta Club Convention coming up soon (April 4 and 5) the Greenville High School Beta Club members decided to create their own unique fundraiser to help with expenses.

&#8220We decided to hold a ‘Pie in the Eye' contest,” said Beta sponsor, Naomi Pryor.

&#8220Four candidates were chosen from staff and administration, and the students got to vote with their monetary donations for who they would most like to see get a pie in the eye,” Pryor explained.

&#8220The student who had contributed the most for the winning candidate got to be the one who threw the pie.”

The four &#8220lucky” individuals were GHS Principal Dr. Kathy Murphy; Assistant Principal Anderson Graves; and teachers Judy Smith and William Bergeron.

Last Friday afternoon, Pryor announced the totals for each of the candidates at an assembly in the gym.

&#8220Mr. Graves had a whopping total of $1.23; Dr. Murphy had $3.87; Mr. Smith had $23.66 - and our winner, Mr. Bergeron, had a total of $58.39!” Pryor exclaimed to the crowd as Bergeron raised his arms in triumph.

Beta Club member Audra Goss, who contributed $25 to Bergeron's fund, cheerfully delivered her teacher's &#8220pie in the eye” to the audience's cheers.

When asked if it was worth it, Goss gave a big grin and said, &#8220Oh, yes.”

Pryor said the contest &#8220was all in good fun” and helped the club raise needed much-needed funds for their expenses.

During the assembly, the Beta Steppers – Kim Powell, Chiquita Womack, Michelle Bowen and Jessica Johnson –

presented the group's talent for the convention ( Stepper Branddon Bailey was absent).

Pryor also had the Beta Club members participating in various competitions at the convention stand and be recognized during the assembly.

These include: Audra Goss, charcoal and pastel; Chelsea Wilkerson, needlework, other needlework and poetry; Connor Murphy-White, oratory; Gerrell Bonner, social studies; Chiquita Womack, English; Monica Kelley, color photo, photography and scrapbook; Sarah Sullivan, spelling; Dawnisha Peagler, B/W photo and watercolors; Branddon Bailey, creative writing; Tyler Ray, woodworking; Nancy Johnnson, tyler Ray, Kris Ferguson and Aaron Rice, Quiz Bowl.

&#8220We hope everyone will wish our Beta Club members good luck and a safe trip this week,” Pryor said.