CCSO, County to be praised for clean up efforts

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 9, 2007

Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago my son and I began a project of picking up the trash on County Road 57, starting at our house and ending at My Country Store.

For health reasons, we had to stop this project for a few days.

Later on, we saw our Crenshaw County Sheriff's Department, along with several inmates from the jail, and John Hollis, our Solid Waste Department Manager, picking up the trash and debris along this road.

We are so grateful.

After all, God made the earth beautiful and flawless in His creation for us to enjoy.

We are not to litter and trash what He made.

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who was involved in helping clean up our roadways.

They are doing an outstanding job, and we greatly appreciate all their hard work.When we were picking up the trash, we collected 18 large bags in just a very short distance.

I am sure they picked up hundreds.

I hope everyone appreciates what they are doing and will be more cautious about throwing trash out along our highways.

God gave us a beautiful and healthy environment to live in, and I hope everyone will do his part to keep it clean.

Thanks again,

Avonell Patterson

Brantley, Ala.