HHS Relay For Life Team holds fundraisers

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 9, 2007

Special to The Journal

The Highland Home School Relay for Life team is currently selling chances on a $100 gift card, for $1 each; Squadron Pride T-shirts for $11 each, and the HHS team has about 32 assorted sizes, from youth small to adult X-large, remaining; and chances on a large Easter Basket, donated by Mrs. Vivian Norris, with Bunny Beanie Babies and other Easter goodies, for $1 each.

HHS is also having some fundraiser events at the school:

n On Thursday, April 6, there will be an &#8220Administrators' Folly.” The principal, Mr. Joseph Eiland, will kiss a donkey on the lips, then take it for a ride across the football field, and students can buy chances for their name to be drawn to be the one who holds it while instructing the principal to &#8220give it a kiss, then climb on up”; the assistant principal, Mrs. Corley, will pose as an ice cream sundae and students can buy chances for their name to be drawn to &#8220fix” her up with chocolate and strawberry syrup, whip cream, and nuts; and HHS's other assistant principal, Mrs. Sport, will pose as a water balloon target, and students can purchase tickets to &#8220cool her off” and throw water balloons at her.

All of these chances/tickets are fifty cents each, and students grades K-4 through 12th will cheer on the administrators for being such good &#8220sports” for such a worthy cause.

n On Wednesday, April 11th, the school will host the &#8220HHS Idol” contest.

Contestants pay a $10 fee to perform in front of grades 4-12.

The winner will receive a cash prize. Admission to this event is $1.

n On Thursday, April 12th, HHS will host a &#8220Powder Puff” football game.

Grades K-4 to 12th will cheer on the female football players.

Admission is $1.

n On Friday, April 13th, there will be a &#8220faculty vs. seniors” basketball game.

Grades 3rd - 12th will cheer on their favorite team.

Admission is $1, and concessions will also be sold to benefit the Relay for Life team.

&#8220It is truly wonderful to work at a place that embraces the causes of those less fortunate.

Highland Home School's administrators, faculty, staff, students, and the community have been so giving of their time and monetary donations,” HHS Relay Team Captain Sandra Kilpatrick said.

&#8220I would like to say ‘thank you' to everyone and invite them to come out to the Relay and help us pay honor to those who have been touched by cancer.”