County votes for schools#039; sales tax holiday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Crenshaw County Commission voted at its regular meeting on April 9 to participate in the schools' sales tax holiday this year, which is set for the weekend of August 3 - 5. During this weekend, any school supplies, computers, or school clothing, for example, will be exempt from any sales tax.

Last year, the county did not participate in the sales tax holiday.

&#8220So many people go elsewhere to buy school supplies, and that is why we didn't participate last year,” Commissioner Charlie Sankey, Jr., said. &#8220However, if we did participate, it might attract our residents to stay here and shop at home, thus helping our local businesses.”

&#8220We have Fred's and Dollar General just to name a few,” Sankey said. &#8220And, I know that The Dollar Store in Highland Home has lots of school supplies, so that will really help a lot of people who shop at all of these places within the county.”

The resolution to participate in the schools' sales tax holiday passed unanimously.

In other business, the Commission approved County Engineer Benjie Sanders to be allowed to hire temporary help at his discretion as long as it is within his budget so that he can perform his duties for stockpiling material at the Daniel Branch Project site.

Sanders also reported that he was planning a major project beginning in the spring which would include more extensive grading and drainage on certain unpaved roads within the county.

&#8220I ask the commission to be thinking of a list for me; from there, I'll make a ‘wish list' of about 12 roads that we can work on - I'm trying to be fair on this for each district,” Sanders said. &#8220My goal is to reduce the long-term maintenance on these unpaved roads.”

Patsburg resident John A. Carr commented on the road conditions in the county.

&#8220I'm the oldest one in this room, and I've ridden these roads for years, and they're in the best shape they have ever been in,” Carr said. &#8220If something needs to be done, you can get it done.”

Also, the commission approved raising the insurance coverage rates on four of the county's buildings.

The insurance coverage for the Crenshaw County Courthouse was approved for $4,700,000; the insurance coverage for the Helicon Community Center was raised to $500,000, with Commission Chairman Ronnie Hudson voting against it; the insurance coverage for the Highway Department building was raised to $450,000; and the insurance coverage on the county's Health Department building was raised to $250,000, with Comm. Sankey voting against it.

The commission voted to lease the former First Step building's kitchen to the Crenshaw Community Hospital Board with the fee being left to the discretion of Chairman Ronnie Hudson.

Hospital Administrator Jim McKnight had addressed the commission during its work session asking that the hospital be allowed to use the former First Step's kitchen while the hospital's kitchen is under construction. McKnight said that the hospital would need approximately 60 days of use before they could move back into the new kitchen at CCH.

&#8220If we were to sell this building, we'll have a contract with stipulations in it, but let's be clear that that building is for sale,” Hudson said.

The commission approved the hospital board's use of the First Step kitchen, but it did not vote on a definitive leasing price.

Also, Stephanie Cowart was approved to serve on the Helicon Center Community Board.

The next meeting of the Crenshaw County Commission will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 23.