LHS parent is against school uniforms

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dear Editor,

I am totally against school uniforms for the Crenshaw County School System. I was always told not to &#8220sweat the small stuff.”

There is much bigger stuff that our school board could set up committees for.

For example, we need air conditioning in the Highland Home and Luverne gyms. Plus, we have even &#8220bigger stuff” that we could be focusing on, such as teen pregnancy, teen drug problems, the drop-out rate, and making sure that all of our kids are passing the graduation exam.

Another very big problem in the system is the fact that we have no Spanish teacher for any of the three county schools.

We do what is called &#8220Distance Learning” because we cannot find a qualified Spanish teacher.

Plus, we need to find a qualified math teacher to teach dual enrollment for our seniors. I see this as a much bigger problem than school uniforms.

If Mr. Ben Jones at LHS retires, then we will need two math teachers at Luverne School.

Our children deserve better than this.

When I grew up and went through school, I didn't have all the things that a lot of our children have now, but at least I got to decide what I wanted to wear to school.

If the board tries to implement a dress code with uniforms, I am afraid it will cause more problems than alleviate any that they say it will help alleviate.

If we are having problems in our school district with weapons and safety, then we need to purchase metal detectors, not uniforms.

Theresa Free

Luverne, Ala.