May 6 is deadline date for Crenshaw County#039;s Junior Miss

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 3, 2007

Things are already underway for the 2008 Crenshaw County Junior Miss Program.

After last Sunday's meeting, ten contestants have signed up, with plenty of time left for more to enter, according to Junior Miss Committee Chairperson Jean Sims. The final deadline to sign up for the program is this Sunday, May 6.

This year's theme will be &#8220Junior Miss Goes on Vacation.”

The event's festivities are slated for Saturday, June 16, at the Luverne High School auditorium at 7 p.m.

Sims said that rehearsals for the program will begin Saturday, June 9, at Luverne High School. The times will be announced closer to the date.

This year, Emily Morgan will be the choreographer for the young ladies, while 2006 Crenshaw County Junior Miss Mallory McDougald and 2007 Junior Miss Anna Ray Snellgrove will serve as choreographers for the &#8220Little Sisters.”

The program is open for all upcoming seniors within the county. The &#8220Little Sisters” are open for upcoming juniors within the county who wish to participate and help those in the program while learning more about the program for themselves.

Sims said that the contestants will need a self-expression gown and a talent costume. The opening number and fitness outfits will be determined by the Junior Miss Committee this Sunday. The costumes and outfits needed for the Little Sisters will also be decided upon at the May 6 meeting.

Sims said that this year, all applications and forms will be completed online at

The evaluation procedure used by the Crenshaw County's Junior Miss Program includes five categories: The Judges' Interview, the Scholastic Achievement category, Self-Expression, the Talent Competition, and the Fitness category.

Junior Miss is the largest scholarship program in the United States for young women. Crenshaw County has been a part of the Junior Miss Program since 1976, awarding approximately $3,400 in scholarships to upcoming seniors each year.

For more information, please contact Jean Sims at 335-5993, or Mary Ann McDougald at 335-6134.