Georgiana making progress on the field and in coaching search

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Georgiana Panthers will wrap up the second week of football spring practice today and interim head coach and Georgiana High Principal Joseph Dean said the team has responded well during the last two weeks.

Over the last two weeks, Dean said the Panthers have worked had and had spirited, enthusiastic workouts in preparation for the spring game Thursday.

On the defensive side, Dean said the Panthers have been flying around and should give fans a good showing.

&#8220I think we're going to be exciting to watch,” Dean said of the defense. &#8220I'm trying to get them to think on the next level.”

On the offensive side of the ball, Dean also said the group has been flying all over the field and will give teams a new look they are not familiar with.

&#8220We're going to do some things that haven't been seen in this area,” Dean said.

Individually, Dean said Adonis Peterson has really stepped it up this week as well as Chris Shows, Donald and Ronald Scott, Terrence Matthews, Andre Paige and Devin Cheatham, just to name a few.

&#8220I feel (Peterson) is going to be a top-notch prospect in the future,” Dean said.

On the coaching front, Dean said at least 46 candidates have applied or expressed interest in the athletic director/head coaching position and he has formed a committee to help work through the process in the coming weeks.

Dean has asked Georgiana P.T.A. president Johnny Lee, Georgiana Quarterback Club president Mike Middleton and Butler County Commissioner Jerry Hartin to help him in the search.

The Panthers will practice again today before returning to the field Monday. The Panthers will wrap up spring practice Friday at Hillcrest-Evergreen.