Luverne High School raises over #036;3,500 in MDA sales

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 12, 2007

Special to The Journal

After setting a goal of $1,500 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Luverne School topped out with a whopping $3,512 by the end of the fundraising event.

The Luverne High School Tigers recently began its &#8220First Annual Shamrock Sale” in support of MDA research.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association, MDA, is a national voluntary health agency that is dedicated to conquering many neuromuscular diseases.

In order to help fund these services, the MDA conducts an annual shamrock sale.

During these sales, people will donate $1 for a green shamrock, or $5 for a gold shamrock.

It is very common to find these shamrocks posted in many places of business.

In early February, the Luverne High School's upper and lower SGA members decided that they would run this fundraiser for nine school days beginning March 12th and ending March 22nd.

The school set a fundraising goal for $1,500.

After the first four days of the sale, LHS had raised over $1,050.

The sale was focused on two primary areas: high school and elementary school.

The high school side was run by SGA sponsor Nicholas Daniel, and the elementary was run by SGA sponsors Cathy Wilkes and Donna McDougald.

&#8220I felt that the only way to keep the kids involved every day was to make it a competition,” Daniel said.

&#8220So, I decided to throw a pizza party for the grade 7th through 12th that bought the most shamrocks.

I had special sales days that made every day crucial to the sale.

To make it fun, I announced which class was leading the race to the pizza on a daily basis.”

After all the shamrocks were taped to the wall, Luverne raised $3,512.

In order for Luverne School to be this successful, many people had to contribute to the cause.

Several door prizes were given to those who bought a gold shamrock.

Rusty Faulk Outdoors, The Art Room and Steppin' Out donated various types of clothing and accessories that were given away as door prizes.

Lisa's Jewelry Box and Gifts donated a silver bracelet, which was given to the top salesperson, Shantoria Kite.

Shantoria, a 10th grade student, raised over $250 by herself.

The winner of the pizza party was the tenth grade class.

The SGA purchased pizza from Little Caesar's in Troy, and Pepsi of Luverne donated drinks and a cooler to the event.

&#8220I am very proud of our students and club sponsors for the incredible job they did in raising this money for MDA,” Luverne School Principal Earl Franks said.

&#8220This shows you that Luverne School students have big hearts and caring attitudes for worthy causes.”

&#8220I am extremely proud of our students,” Cathy Wilkes said.

&#8220They gave from their hearts.

The shamrock sale enabled students to understand the value of giving.”

&#8220Our students always pleasantly surprise us with their willingness to give to others,” Donna McDougald added.

&#8220However, the students exceeded our expectations with their generosity in the MDA Shamrock sale.”

Mrs. Terri Stringfellow thanked Coach Daniel for the job he and the students did with the Shamrock program.

&#8220I am so proud of you all,” Stringfellow added.

&#8220I look forward to working with you again next year.”