Easter Seals golf tournament a success

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 19, 2007

More than 200 golfers helped raise in excess of $50,000 at Cambrian Ridge here Friday, participating in the 8th annual Easter Seals tournament with proceeds earmarked for the Early Learning Center.

&#8220It was another great event,” tournament founder and former Easter Seals chairman Ronnie Paulk beamed. &#8220It's a wonderful organization and our community and sponsors have always been just great in supporting the tournament.”

Twenty of the 50 teams had Greenville ties.

&#8220It's our biggest event of the year,” Debbie Lyons, administrator of the Montgomery-based group, said. &#8220Monies we raise here will support young children who have special needs, so it's a good cause.”

Easter Seals Central Alabama is active in 12 counties. It will soon be host to a Certified Nursing Program at L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital here.

Friday's event was actually three handicap tournaments within a single tournament.

The team of Jeff Frasher, Ronnie Goolsby, Paul Reynolds and David Jones had the day's best round of 49.5 net to win the Sherling-Canyon rotation while the team of Jimmy Gardner, Tim Bryant, Tommy Ryan and Al Snellgrove posted a 52.5 net to win the Canyon-Loblolly rotation and the team of Mac Lee, Lomax Owens, Bobby Rogers and David Brantley had a 52.5 net to win the Loblolly-Sherling rotation.

David Hancock was closet to the pin on two holes, Loblolly No. 4 and Canyon No. 8, while Brian Powell was closet at Sherling No. 4, Tommy Ryan at Canyon No. 2, Doug Mixon at Sherling No. 2 and Bob Spiller at Loblolly No. 6.

Here are complete tournament results:


49.5 - Jeff Frasher, Ronnie Goolsby, Paul Reynolds and David Jones.

52.3 - Alfred Searight, Reginald Hawkins, Steve Autrey and James Myrick.

54.4 - Steve Davidson, Mike McGriff, Bret DeJong and Richard Rawlinson.

55.3 - Monty Gordon, John Michael William, Tim Schmidt and Bobby McSwain.

55.4 - Tommy McKinnon, Julia Ventress, Ed Alford and Shown Seamon.

55.8 - Rhett Idland, David Sherling, Kenny McNeil and Michael Forester.

56.3 - Ralph Stacy, Ray Wasden, Chip Deshield and Francine Wasden.

57.3 - George Smith, Patrick Hayes, Brian Powell and Josh Myers.

58.0 - Ronnie Paulk, Michael Coleman, Al Brannon and Freddie Daughtry; Bryan Biehl, Mark Golden, Darrell Mullen and Mike Spurlock.

59.0 - Charles Raybon, Donna Raybon, Doug Mixon and Mike Arthur.

60.0 - Jamye Fowler, Bob Martin, William Martin and Jeff Adams.

61.3 - Bill Findley, Brian Findley, Mark Howe and Steven Helms.

NC - John McPherson, Tim Womble, Greg Calhoun and Michael Calhoun.


52.5 - Jimmy Gardner, Tim Bryant, Tommy Ryan and Al Snellgrove.

53.2 - Paul Harper, Jeff Bowron, Donald Oatley and Mark M.

53.4 - Kenny Perdue, Cody Jones, Jeff Nance and Keith Branch.

53.9 - Wes Kelly, Will Kelly, Phillips Crabtree and Bob Spiller; Toby Herre, Ken Tinkham, Joby Norman and Steve Norman.

54.3 - Randy Thomas, Charles Humphrey, Tom Smith and Randy Thomas 4.

54.8 - George Way, John Formby, John Witcher and John Formby 4.

55.0 - Pat Autrey, Todd Borland, Charlie Brown and Don Hall; Bill Farrar, Will Farrar, Mason Bass and Trey Philpot.

55.1 - Zach Little, Corstone 2, MacDonald Russell and Michael Smith.

57.9 - Jody Bear, Chris Williams, Kyle Drumwright and Robbie Broach.

58.0 - Melvin Meraman, Billy Beverly, Freddy Beverly and Clay Beverly.

59.4 - Josh Hall, Mat Morgan, Tippa Tipton and Frank Moody.

60.6 - Lamar Rotten, Jerry Youngblood, Paul Hudson and Tommy Main.

NC - Drew Bass, Lionel Rainey, Bill Lewis and Tommy Guy; Michael Norman, Warren Mathews, Ward Thigpen and Mike Norman.


52.5 - Mac Lee, Lomax Owens, Bobby Rogers and David Brantley.

54.2 - Justin Gordon, Justin Simmons, Lyle Denny and Dan Carpenter.

55.7 - Brian Kasarjian, Pat Adkins, Scott Riley and Aric Lobenstein.

55.8 - Billy Rhodes, Drew Cundiff, Chris Dubberley and Nathan Collums.

57.2 - Eddie Jones, David Northington, Martin Peters and Tim Stocker.

57.3 - Keith Chambers, Richard Ray, Steve Flanagan and Cory Sapp.

57.5 - Brett Paulk, Doug Amos, Brian Paulk and Ralph Norman.

58.9 - Chuck Collins, Henry Golson, John Lewis and Danny Howard.

59.9 - Jim Kelley, Terry Wilkerson, Cherly Kelly and Barbara Wilkerson; Tyler Cobb, Danny Turner, Zach McElvy and Linda Gleason.

60.7 - Andy Huggins, Ross Jinwright, Scott Stricklin and Barry Holt.

61.1 - John Jung, Rob Robison, Dave Graf and Dylan Riley.

61.7 - Charles Heartsill, Chris Edgar, Bruce McCarty and Darrell Heartsill.

62.5 - Jeff Kitchin, Jason Scott, Kevin Gamble and Adam Rogers.

63.5 - Larry Hall, Lee Williams, Wayne Lee and John Andrews; Walter Overlay, George Christian, Paul Rossan and Ron Harper.

NC - Chuck Steward, Ward Allison, Danny Causey and T.J. Williford.