Paddling policy revised

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 19, 2007

Faced with growing discipline problems in the school system, the Board of Education has voted unanimously to implement a corporal punishment policy allowing teachers to paddle students.

Gloria Warren, a 29-year teacher at W.O. Parmer Elementary, addressed the board prior to Thursday night's vote and told board members she was &#8220saddened” by the lack of respect exhibited by students in the classroom.

&#8220I'm asking the school board to help us get back the respect we deserve,” Warren said. &#8220Students are being a danger to my fellow coworkers.”

Currently, only school administrators may paddle students, but parents must sign consent forms prior to the school year allowing for such.

Parents attending Thursday's board meeting voiced their approval for the policy revision.

One parent, Retha Hilliard, said students laughed &#8220behind administrators backs” and took advantage of the teachers.

&#8220Children need to know there are consequences to their actions,” she said.

Another parent, Lynn Henderson, agreed.

&#8220They (the children) need discipline badly,” said Looney.

Superintendent Mike Looney said the new corporal punishment policy provides teachers with the &#8220authority necessary to maintain a safe, disciplined, and orderly learning environment.”

&#8220I understand some will have reservation, and there will be others who vehemently oppose paddling in schools,” he said. &#8220Our position is simple: We expect - no, we demand - our students behave and in those cases where they don't we will respond accordingly.”

Butler County School System Corporal Punishment policy for school year 2007-08.

The Board shall allow reasonable corporal punishment only after other means of discipline have failed to produce desirable results.

If corporal punishment is required, it shall be administered only by a certified employee in the presence of a school administrator who has been informed beforehand of the reasons for the punishment. At no time shall corporal punishment be administered in the presence of another student. Parents who object to corporal punishment as a method of discipline shall advise the school administrator. In those schools without assistant principals, the principal shall appoint a designee(s) who may administer/witness such punishment in his/her absence.

In administering corporal punishment, the following guidelines shall be adhered to:

1. The employee will use a Board issued paddle.


The certified employee administering the corporal punishment must attempt to make telephone contact with the child's parent/guardian in advance of administering the corporal punishment.

3. The employee will provide the following in advance of administering corporal punishment:


Notice of charges


An opportunity for the student to explain guilt/innocence


Notice of the number of licks to be administered (at no time more than three (3)

4. All corporal punishment will occur in the presence of an administrator or designee who has been advised of the reason for corporal punishment being administered.

5. All corporal punishment events will be recorded into STI.

6. School employees who have administered corporal punishment shall provide the child's parents or legal guardians a written explanation of the reason(s) for the punishment and the name of the school administrator who was present as a witness.