Cambrian Ridge Father-Son Tournament Results

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 30, 2007


* Joe and Marshall Watts63-62-125

Frankie and Colby Odom63-62-125

David and Sanders Hancock62-64-126

Ralph and Brian Conrad62-69-131

Morris and Ben Slingluff63-68-131

Steve and Paul Norman62-70-132

Hamp and Billy Andrews64-69-133

Larry and Keaton Adams64-71-135

Flight 1

* John and Greg Stack67-64-131

Chris and Cole Claassen67-64-131

Todd and Cody Norman68-63-131

Robert and Jake Nichols66-67-133

Mike and Mike Barber66-67-133

Charles and Keith Mooney66-68-134

David and Will Pierce66-69-135

Claude and Leland Dunning67-68-135

Bobby Lyle Dubois67-69-136

Randy and Michael Davis66-70-136

Lynn and David Moody66-70-136

Jeff and John Luna67-70-137

Bobby and Doug Fayet67-71-138

Stuart and Forrest Waldo68-71-139

Steve and Ryan Watson68-72-140

John and David Newton68-74-142

Joby and Michael Norman66-77-143

Flight 2

Robert and William Greenleaf70-66-136

Rex and Derek Bynum69-69-138

Ken and Todd Nichols69-69-138

Don and Brian Thomas69-69-138

Sandy and Sanders Park69-70-139

Rick and Tommy Teel70-70-140

Johnny and Mike Johnson69-72-141

James and Jimmy Lloyd70-72-142

George and Brian Boles70-73-143

Al and Albert Quiroga69-75-144

Lundol and Chad Williamson69-75-144

Chuck and Andrew Sloan69-75-144

Claude and Chip Harman70-74-144

Harry and Kevin Cullinan70-76-146

Peter and Patrick Nassetta69-78-147

David and Clint Hyde69-WD-WD

Flight 3

Brad and Dan Durchslag71-67-138

David and Josh Donahoo72-67-139

John and Will Cannon71-69-140

Ellis and Ellis II Sampson71-72-143

Uhl and Paul 72-71-143

Wade and Keenen Baxley71-73-144

Jeff and Austin Lee73-72-145

Chuck and Clay Shumate71-75-146

David and Chris Hartselle71-76-147

Doug and Brooks Rabren73-74-147

Carl and Mark Bledsoe72-76-148

Buddy and Bart Peake73-76-149

Greg and David Wilson73-77-150

Mark and Jonathan Ryan73-78-151

Leighton and Matthew Mays73-78-151

Flight 4

Ronnie and Jarrod Weems74-70-144

Johnny and Hunter Wood74-72-146

Mike and Sam Norman74-73-147

Danny and Brad Hall74-74-148

Rod and Rodney Simmons74-74-148

Chris and Max Bonner74-75-149

Fred and Eric Smith74-75-149

James and David Ross74-75-149

Paul and Joey Young74-76-150

Mark and Kyle Mayne74-77-151

Sanders and Dale Shoupe74-77-151

Tim and Tim, Jr. English74-77-151

Gary and Mathew Lee74-79-153

Andy and Chase Clark74-80-154

Ray and Ken Brown74-81-155

Flight 5

John and Pat Ballard75-71-146

Buddy and Buddy, Jr. Mesaris76-70-146

Clarence and Greg Hodge76-71-147

Bobby and Brad Shaw75-72-147

Lynn and Derek Bonner75-72-147

David and George Bronner76-73-149

Ed and Korey Zekl75-75-150

Steve and Kevin Rudd75-75-150

Smokey and Dusty Holloway75-75-150

Butch and Chad Mitchell75-77-152

Barry and Ben Jones75-77-152

Tim and David Sowell76-76-152

Elliot and Damon Abernathy75-79-154

Cal and Calvin Waters76-80-156

Flight 6

Randy and Sam Allison77-69-146

Bobby and John Richards78-70-148

Charles and Chad Hamilton77-75-152

Rhett and Cory McSween77-75-152

Morris and Robert Hammer79-74-153

Johnny and Chase Bennett77-77-154

Gene and Mike Allday78-76-154

Mark and Sam Wise77-78-155

David and Jeff Kelly79-77-156

Michael and Darrell Rogers80-77-157

Norris and Ben Sexton79-79-158

Bob and Brad Hinds79-82-161

Roger and Roger, Jr. Myers79-83-162

Wally and Jeff Page81-83-164

Alvin and Caleb Smith80-85-165

Buster and Jake Kizziah80-86-166

Flight 7

Bob and Brett Richards83-76-159

Randy and Randy, Jr. Mays85-77-162

James and Scott Jolly82-80-162

Larry and Carlton Clayton82-81-163

Earl and Benjamin Vanwaters84-80-164

Eugene and Jeffrey Howell82-82-164

Jerry and Drew Seymour85-83-168

Paul and Johnathan Daniel83-86-169

Daryl and Josh Shaw84-86-170

Ronald and Brian Seymour85-85-170

Charles and Scott Allen85-88-173

Tim and Ryan Leirer88-97-185

Jerry and Tyler Murdock95-92-187

Bruce and Tristan Crandall101-98-199

Edward and Allen Clinton101-101-102

*- winner by playoff